14 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Manual How Can I Order At 4:39

  1. After watching your video and reading the comments I checked out the cheaper versions and I would have to say you get what you pay for. Well worth the money. Thank you for sharing. God bless and stay safe.

  2. I have a similar device 12000mAh and the carabiner has the same issue. I was thinking of gluing velcro on the back or a molle stick for bag attachment.

    Also to note I have an led desk light and it charges while under that as well.

    Thank Ben.

  3. Might as well burn up some of that sun hammering down on me. I wish one of those egghead types could figure out how to convert the energy from a mosquito swarm into electricity. Gawd there's an unlimited source of renewable energy. You'd think if these eggheads can crack the human genome and grow ears and noses out of petri dishes somehow they could figure out how to turn all those little blood suckers against each other. Anyway, nice review Living Survival.

  4. Nice device. These days with all the technology we carry along with us it's become increasingly more important to carry supplemental power with us. Great video man and thanks for sharing.

  5. Great product review Ben , i like it waterproof and durable looking ! and all the options !
    atb john

  6. Looks like a very good option. I am still in the market for my first solar charger and have been leaning toward the Goal Zero folding panels. Take Care – Stan

  7. Hi Ben. Thank you for the great product review. I just bought one from your Amazon Store! :o)

  8. Sweet solar charger! Basically the size of a phone! Would fit great in a pocket or pack!

  9. Don't listen to any claims about these tiny solar panels charging batteries from the Sun within mere hours. They are LYING! These devices are a con and if you rely on them to provide power, they will only let you down.

  10. Thanks for posting this, it's exactly what 've been looking for to recharge my GoPro batteries in the field!