13 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Manual How Can I Purchase At 17:39

  1. Please Lord if shit hits the fan let me be with her , getting high, and drunk, having sex, and eating pain pills= good times lol

  2. Hey, how are you? I hope you are well! Hope you will make some more videos! Love this series. Warm regards. D/P

  3. One thing for sure, "WHEN",,,, not "If", the SHTF event happens, disorientation and despair will be very strong emotions… having a way to calm down and get a grip is an excellent idea, but there is a time for that after you are safe…
    What ever kind of survival kit you have you thinking and planning has to be in order or priorities and not cute toys… You won't last 3 seconds with out a way to protect your self and if you think a .22 cal rifle is going to stop a hungry bear???? I have some Ocean Front Property in Galveston Texas that i would be happy to sell you, when the tides out…
    Your IMMEDIATE Safety and Welfare has to be priority one. You won't last 3 minutes without Air… 3 hours with out Shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks with out food, or 3 months with out knowledge… That is the way you want to build your survival kit…

  4. Great kit, thanks for sharing this with us! Hope you're doing well! Minus the j I think that this is a great kit! (Due to many chronic illnesses I could never go that route)

  5. You'll have to change out that j over time but the tin foil was good thinking

  6. This is one lady id like to get stranded with! I love the weed idea. That's going in my kits from now on!

  7. You're one of the very few, who kept some "vices", in your kit, for comfort. You're a girl after my own heart, and I salute you 😀 !

    Edit:read further down. Just realized, it was just meant to be humorous. That being said, I'd still want them.