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Hi guys, I’m Lilly and today I’m going to show you my bug out camp.
Stay tuned.
When it comes to bug out camps, camouflage is essential so
that’s why I have put a lot of debris
and leaves on the back side of my top.
Let’s take a walk around my shelter here.
As you can see I have built some walls around the shelter.
and the reason why I set up these walls here is basically
because I wanted to keep out the wind which comes from this direction.
And without the walls the wind would blow the smoke into my face.
And the next thing that it comes to very solid walls
is that you feel a little bit more protected at the inside of your shelter.
The entrance of the shelter is at the South side,
and I’ve made a door for the entrance
so I can keep my dog in if I want to and the critters out.
If you come into my shelter, the first thing you see is this nice fireplace here.
You can also call this my entertainment center because sometimes I watch the fire for hours.
OK, moving on to the left here I have built my hunting seat.
Which I use when I want to hunt.
I built a feeder over there as well at the other side of the creek.
This seat is also great for chilling out.
Ok, now let’s come to the main part of the shelter
which is the lean-to construction.
I’ve used very thick posts to get a very stable construction.
So first I used a very thick and heavy duty tarp.
And then I got this small mylar blanket which is reflecting the heat of the fire.
Ok, now I want to show you my bed.
It’s a raised bed that I built myself and it’s very solid.
I like to call it a couch.
And back in here I have another pile of wood.
And here I’ve got a thermometer, and right now we have 26 degrees Celsius.
At the other side there’s a dream catcher I made for my late Grandma
And my shelf where I keep my stuff, some food.
If weather is getting worse or if there’s a storm coming up or
too much rain, I just roll down this sheet of plastic here.
So inside this shelter with the sheet down you’re not only protected against
the elements, but it also acts like a super shelter
because the heat of the fire will radiate through the plastic sheet
and then it will be trapped inside of the shelter.
So this was a tour from my bug out camp / super shelter
I want to thank you for watching and I really need to get going!
Come on!
I can’t believe that I have to walk out of here.

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Tactical Flashlight Manual Where Can We Purchase

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  1. BIG NEWS: I have designed my own Survival Knife called β€œAPO-1”. You can get it now at my online store: https://www.survivallilly.at/ Thank you so much for your support <3 Lilly

  2. You almost had it, the take off I mean. If only you had a boost! I'd be happy to provide one! πŸ˜‰

    My bug-out was a large redwood stump that had been hollowed out by fire so it had standing room. I put a wood stove in it and a top rounded door with a window and a window at the back, maybe I'd watched Lord of the Rings too many times..
    Everything was concealed without climbing up a difficult natural hummock it was situated on, unless I had the stove going, of course. The only thing missing was running water because there was no stream nearby to pipe it from and solar for lights and music – no sun through the canopy. It was easy to carve shelves into the walls and once the charcoal was wire brushed off the walls were beautifully grained.
    Unfortunately, I had to move from that area, I wounder if anybody has found it yet. I'll go back if &#$% ever really hits the fan.

  3. It doesn't do much good to 'camouflage' the shelter from only one direction. That might add some insulation to your sleeping area but isn't going to add much security. If you want to do that, you need to do that completely around the shelter and have natural camouflage like bushes surrounding the area so they can't make out the details of it since you've given a definable edge to the top. Also, I'm not sure why you're calling it a 'super shelter.' It might be a coincidence but Mars Kochanski colloquially coined that term years ago but that involved reflective, breathable, and greenhouse techniques along with some basic thermal retainment, none of which are in this shelter. Forgive me if you just came up with the name on your own.