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Emergency Survival Kit Alaska 24 Weeks to 7 Day Survival Kit Emergency Preparedness
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper some people find it difficult to put together an emergency survival
preparedness kit prepping for emergencies doesn’t have to be
complicated and it doesn’t even need to
cost a lot of money it’s a DIY homemade emergency kit that you
can put together over time for example I
wanted to share with you today a plan
that’s put out by the state of Alaska
people in Alaska always want to be
prepared for emergency survival pandemic influenza because we have harsh winters
we have volcanoes earthquakes all kinds
of things can happen and we live in a
pretty remote area so it’s important for
everyone to do the best that they can to
be prepared to take care of themselves
for as long a time as possible in Alaska we never
know what the future holds it could be
something as simple as a long cold
winter or as critical as we’ve had in
the last few months which is a pandemic
and other kinds of unrest that we’ve
seen in our country so I thought I would
share with you the plan that’s put
together by the state of Alaska that is
24 weeks to a seven-day survival kit DIY homemade emergency survival kit prepping and it’s laid out every week step-by-step
what you can do what you can gather with
the things you can learn and know so
that you can put these things together for an emergency survival pandemic prepping preparedness kit
and be prepared no matter what the
future holds for any kind of an
almost every emergency requires the same type of supplies we all need food and
water we need warm clothing and shelter
no matter what the emergency is you’re
going to need these emergency survival supplies and skills things so it’s a
great idea to start preparing today a
little at a time and if you follow a DIY homemade plan as simple as this one by the state
of Alaska you can have your plan going have a nice supply of emergency prepping gear and skills for beginning preppers
in a matter of a few weeks you can see
each week it tells you to get things supplies to stockpile like water peanut butter cans of juice
canned meat a hand-operated can opener a permanent marker and then special
requirements like pet food diapers and
baby food it also gives you prepping skills to learn tasks things to do prepping for emergency survival situations how to begin prepping
date the perishables with your marker
decide on your out of area contacts that
you can coordinate because most of us
have scattered
family members what also happens in
emergencies is cell phones may not work
to call locally but you may be able to
call out of the area because the
circuits become clogged so always have
someone who’s an out of the area
coordinator that you could get a hold of
who could help you notify people that
you need to and help you connect with
each other if you can’t get a hold of
each other locally that’s just week one
you can see that each week it spells out
exactly what you can do a few food and supplies things that you can gather prepping supplies that you
need skills that you can do learn encourage your neighbors to get to know each other
to work on a plan together so that you
have some like-minded people and you
know who you can trust who you can count on but it also is a way to find out who
you need to be leery of and wary of in
times of real emergencies the Alaska emergency survival plan DIY is
easy enough you could even combine a few weeks get a few extra things supplies together in
a shorter period of time if you wanted
to prepare more quickly and you have a
few more resources to spend on these must have survival items gear things but it isn’t necessary just make
sure that you do a little at a time and
keep going keep adding to your emergency prepping supplies stored
items keep learning new skills pay
attention to the details and the variety
of things it’s more important to get a
few of an assorted food items gear things rather than
one giant supply of one food item for
example if you had three cans of soup
and two cans of chili and one pound of
rice then if an emergency happened you
have a variety of meals if all you had
were 40 pounds of dried beans and that
was all you had you could have a problem
trying to make meals in a hurry with
limited resources in times of hardship
and making any kind of a variety out of just dry beans to eat
that as well so always make sure that
you’re stocking up on food getting a variety of foods don’t
start with just a huge quantity of one food
item in case an emergency comes along
tomorrow it probably won’t but it’s
better to still be organized prepared
and have a variety of foods supplies emergency gear the items that you have on hand you may
find that your state also has a pandemic emergency survival plan and
that’s something that you could look to
as well that would be suited to the
types of emergencies that may happen
where you live wherever you live
whatever your circumstances it’s so
important that we be prepared we don’t
know what the future holds but we know
hard times come to everyone wouldn’t you
like to get your supplies together plan
for the future no matter what it brings
make an emergency preparedness plan even
if it’s as simple as this one from the
state of Alaska and you’ll be able to
face the future no matter what it brings
if you enjoyed my video I hope you’ll share it with someone else who might
enjoy it
learn more at alaskagranny.com and
please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

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