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  1. WARNING: Butane lighters look good but are invariably a piece of crap. I had the Ranger. Looks good BUT a bastard to fill (surprisingly) and, after one month, exploded in my hand.

    Now I treat kit well and am no klutz. So it was not the way it was treated. It was one more example (as if we needed it) of the ever present fact of life that 'flash is bad.' Stick to tried and tested ie Zippo, Bic or, my favourite, the Clipper.

    Oh, and there's something else. All this discussion about cold weather. The one time that you can guarantee that a butane lighter will absolutely fail you is at high altitude or in cold conditions.

    Looks good, but fails fast.

  2. I made the same mistake when I bought that lighter, the reason the flame is fluttering is because you didnt drain the pressure from the gas tank before you filled it with butane. That's why the flame flickers and the tank is half empty, you can also adjust the output with the screw on the bottom and make the flame bigger! But try not to make it too big! V.Reliable lighter the Ranger, it's lasted me two years and when I bought it it was in Black not Green, the rubber wears off over time. The base looks like lead and aluminum – ie: Tin. The cap eventually goes a bit loose but it can be fixed if your prepared to disassemble the lighter. @kingmabb I too experienced issue's with the color if you drop it in the dark and don't happen to have a torch at hand. But my biggest issue with lighters is having them drop out of my pocket, including another ranger, it's got a hole on the lighter for a lanyard and people should use that! That way the lighter doesnt drop out of your pocket when crossing a river with a rope bridge like it did with my previous ranger the day after I bought it, forcing me to buy the one I have now! 😀

  3. they look cool, but they don't seem to hold up under inspection. still, good review! you hit several important points!

  4. I have the turboflame ranger V – LOVE it – never had a problem with it starting, no problem with it sputtering. I'm buying a 2nd one for my daughter for her backpack.