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survival kit challenge and
basically witnesses reason about spots
about this
today is I was doing some research
and I found out that between yours and
in 2007 a
there was a study done by the wilderness
Journal and her with a smile side 16
anyway and Amy
a determined that there were 78,000
people that at work all and search and
uses in our national park system
okay so that’s a lot of folks right and
that breaks down to about 50 to 100
people per year
international Park some that are in a
situation where
search and rescue is having to go out
and look
help Nick during lost whatever decision
now so when you break it down even
further and you the map on that
about fourteen people per day
international Park
throughout the United States the cabinet
from having
some survival gear on okay now a lot of
people that go out more situations do
you have some here are
up but there are also a lot of people
situations you don’t have the right
survival gear
on your body your you know on the person
and so
had to help you gonna talk yesterday
talking about today
is dues-paying personal size survival
kit something that could be easily
thrown into a daypack
I it’s something that could be actually
you know strapped onto a fellow
carried on bill something along those
lines I
to throw it in your vehicle so that you
always have it what you can do a lot of
different things with it
armpits and not a really expensive type
but together you know i mean its I’m
pretty small compact
but it’s got some pretty high quality
items and as well
so they can actually you know goats were
saved your life
and the part about this that is a
challenge is I want to challenge you
to show me your survival kit as well
and hopefully this will get some people
thinking about it you know you go out
and actually put one together
make a little video reporting for us and
you know let me know that you did the
video fortune will have a very your
responses anymore thinking
you too on but what you can do is
if you make a video just call a survival
kit challenge
and then send me a PM
and I will a during the link the contest
and I have a contest associated with
this menu
during a link that contest that will get
you entered into the contest
up and also after the contest is over
then if you send me the link to your
video then I will go ahead and share
on all the social media platforms that I
have the different groups
friends followers not gonna stuff on
Facebook Twitter Google+ and all that
to hopefully help you on
you know yet the items out there for
folks to see what it is that you put in
your survival kit
and in helping get some exposure to your
channel and all that kind of stuff as
so anyhow guys a hope you enjoy the
stuff that is
in the kid here hope you see the value
in it and I look forward to seeing your
your videos you title survival kit
as well so let’s go ahead and head down
to the bench over
a list I’ll and show you what
I got so here is a look at what is
above the survival kit summed up what
will this take a look at the bag the bag
is a Maxpedition individual first think
it’s got a screen pops on the outside
and others you know zipper there not on
and and has handled carrier and on the
back you’ve got some pals wedding
get some straps here there was enough
for a belt loop so you could get many
built as
if you wanted as well I have also stuck
in a sale Neal their
for repairing gear me inside you got a
mesh pouch on the one side
and an kinda clear morbus either pouch
on the other side holaa put the
love this in the video appeared as well
so I think this is a pretty good
it’s a pretty good sized pouch for any
kind of an emergency survival kit like
now list of over here with the shelter
all that on
one the most the largest more bulky
items that have in this kit
is a six but by five foot piece love
tidak to either
is a waterproof material that is very
strong its very durable
and it would work out a very well to
build an emergency shelter with its also
nice and bright it is white
does have some lettering on stuff like
that on but it’s still going to be able
to help attract attention if you need to
waving it around or anything like that
you know 10 flap in the wind or
something along those lines could
definitely help to get
rescue to you the next thing I have been
here is a 55 gallon trash bag
and it’s pretty far gone trash bag could
be used as a poncho it could be used
to make a makeshift sleeping bag stuff
in it for love
insulation a natural materials you like
dry grass dried leaves or anything like
that and then kinda crawling
you know down inside that I more you
know in between it or even laying on top
of that could help you
on you know keep from getting cold over
the night
then we have a
another just cheap emergency blanket the
you can also wrap around urself can also
use a for signaling you know
use it for reflecting heat back from a
fire lot of different things you know
the you can use these for so that’s just
another option as well for personal
to keep you from freezing to death
overnight in order we’re getting high
for me in a rain storm or something
along those lines
source code is goes I’d have some any
pound test specter a fishing line and
I’ve done up in a small donor
a 200-foot and that is going to be more
than enough for me to set up and I saw
campus a shelter and all that good stuff
so them as we come across here
a I’ve got a Streamlight
micro string on you know will Tripoli
flashlight on nice little light its
gonna definitely do the job for
you know any kind of emergency lighting
that I any means that I may have in that
could also be used for signaling as well
then we’ve got mister basic I’m
green can light okay I can’t I
a peace 550 cord to the end of this
about three feet long and slow ride
around in that is also a pretty decent
a nighttime emergency signal for rescue
PC helicopters flying over something
along those lines
for people walking up on a far richer
something along those lines and it can
attract attention that movement and you
got shaper being in a circle
is actually pretty good as far as dis
utilitarian it’s only light
for a realigning election stuff I’ve got
three other small
glow sticks here on you know they’re
going on their last I think six or eight
hours each something along those lines
the other lighting thing I have just a
photon on LED light
and has the switch on it as well in real
life you need tuning up for nichols’
and then for sound we’ve got a
just a small Fox a whistle
the Fox my girl Fox 40 micro and
daytime signaling course we’ve got the
military style glass
on signal mer and then for navigation
I’ve got a just one basic regular small
button compass
and then I have another one that is
attached to a up
you know small necklaces made my son and
then it also has
a navigational ring on her bills on
their so
if I want if I know that as an emergency
heading you know to get out wherever I’m
hiking a fine you take a 090 or whatever
I can follow that
you know and and just makes navigation
is a little bit easier
mysteries convergence here and there was
also use but anyway
okay so come on over here to the tool
section on
the most significant although I have
been here is a book look to book light
scanner I think that’s what they call it
I will %uh tripling down to below
it is a very small and skills nyse:
on but it is high-quality steel
and it is extremely sharp and
I can use this for a number different
things I can use it for twist splitting
you know a spot when fire I I can
actually but on it
other some light would you know maybe an
inch or two just enough to get down into
something that is a on
that is driving you to Europe’s snuck in
baton for big stuff but I could use it
for small stuff
but it’s just gonna give me a good
substantial knife so that I am NOT
on you know using a small pocket knife
or something smaller than what I need to
heavy work it’s got coding I put a
love on Plasti Dip over the handle
so that I did just a little bit better
purchase on it but
it’s actually a nice little little
utility knife and work very well
I’m I don’t have any kind ever grati for
all I’ve done is basically just because
I want to be as light and unobtrusive as
I have a small plastic sheet other K
money inside the chief came with
took the our poor of and it helps
stay very small unobtrusive in a guy
just a small three blade pocket knife
on can use that for any number different
and then come in another small
keeping it very unobtrusive this is just
a cheap little kabel as
para pliers it also has another light
source on it
and and we’ve got some
you know basic tools I got think I’m
kinda miss rated
sauce last night for flat break blade
screwdriver Phillips head screwdriver
another night played as well
10 goddess a small tank
about 25 feet a floral wire you can use
a person or where you can use it for
on you notice repairing hear something
along those lines
okay come over here and you have a
couple I’ll
a boy on cubes are keeping their and as
basically in case
on get dehydrated need to replace your
suck on those all the nasty media or its
opening a little water or something
along those lines well hope rehydrate
and get the souls back in your body if
okay speaking a water we have this
really cool kid here
on I got this from survival resources
I will put a link to it I
in description below this is the OXO
pouch and it’s made to hold one liter of
it also will stand up and a separate out
and stand up
so it’ll be easier to fill we’ve also
got the grommets appear in top secret
though some cord around it but around
your neck whatever as well then
included in the kids is also some
chlorine dioxide telex alright
so I can purify several different
several courts the water there
and then it also comes with directions
for use in all I kinda stuff
and then it also has
K couple of Cree filters
what are basically coffee filters
going there and you can kinda put one of
these coffee filters inside this
which would cut a hole in open and make
it easier to
pre filter the water that goes into the
pouch so that was kinda cool
are kinda minute lookit on only cost a
few bucks I don’t remember exactly what
it is but you check the link below and
you can
go and check that out so that’s gonna
that’s going to cover my water needs
then as far as fire goes
I have three different what fire Q
it easily start a probably nine fires
and most conditions if you had a really
really wet condition you can use a whole
piece but
honestly know any news about a third of
the peace to you a regular fire going
then I’ve also got a five sixteens by on
for enough three its performance for
a-rod and then
a magnesium bar as well
so and then of course the old standby
Bic lighter
so fire is totally covered that’s going
to be a
no problem at all as well to the last
section over here
is going to be first aid and a
in the first aid kit I’ve got more for
the managers as you can see
I’ve got some program i dont prep pads
best my
for ice purple prepares those the
alcohol can also be used for a tender
for storing fire
guess start your stirs troops got a
razor blade
a couple tampons couple two by two’s one
big like to buy to bandage
and I’ve got a on small package up quick
as well as area on
trying to manager ko bahot and then I’ve
gotta a little
I don’t know probably sexy 60 or so love
I’ll Gorilla Tape as well wrapped around
a credit card
so really it pretty much covers
all the basic survival resources that
you near some role
Museveni your personal protection and
you got your first day to get your
signaling in navigation and you’ve got
your water as well
on through procurement and that kinda
thing you could put some traps out if
you wanted
he could even add a small fishing kit to
but to be honest with you for me the
you know purpose if this is isn’t you
know an overnight stay
maybe a couple nights or whatever it’s
not really a long-term survival kit this
you get caught in some bad weather or
something you sprain an ankle on you
gotta stay out there overnight
you know it its it’s not designed to be
a long term thing
alright as well thanks for watching as
always I’d definitely appreciate it when
you click the thumbs up button
when you share with your friends on
Facebook Twitter and Google+
and no let me know down the comments
below are you planning on
ensuring the survival kit challenge are
you gonna show us what you what items
you would put
in your survival kit if you’ve already
got one made up that’s great
working make one up just for this
contest that onto just send me a
personal message
and you can send it to my email address
which is just reality survival
at gmail dot com or you can just send me
a personal message for you
and I will share their all my facebook a
me on facebook friends groups and all my
other social media stuff as well
try to help get you some exposure on
your channel two
so anyway guys don’t forget the
six-piece proper prior preparation
prevents poor performance thanks once

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