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  1. You're on a day hike and about 5 miles out you break your leg. No cell phone and no gear except a liter of water. What do you do?

  2. Hi Luke. Love your videos, keep them coming. I moved from Southern CA to Missouri and I have to retool all my cloths for the colder climate here. I like the fact you do clothing reviews, I find them very useful. Some rain gear reviews and more winter clothing evaluations and reviews would be great. I have been shopping for a good little flashlight for my backbacking trips and get home bag. ThruNites are nice.

  3. yes that sort of video is done alot however everyone has their own twists and skill sets to rely on. I think it would be a good way for you to show your viewers some of the things to watch out for. maybe even demo a self first aid situation that would be awesome.

  4. Blindfold yourself. My 12 yr old son backpacks with me, he is blind and I am his guide. If something happened to me, he's screwed. I teach him so much…he uses a cane for mobility but navigating a trail is difficult differentiating rough trails and no trails. Even just 2 miles to the car where we park at a busy campground…what can you do to self rescue?

  5. I think it's a great idea to do a survival episode. While it's been done already, it's great seeing different approaches since everyone has their own philosophies on survival and getting out of tough situations. I also think everyone just likes hearing you talk =D I just recently got into camping and hiking so I'd be interested in seeing how you'd handle getting lost with gear an occasional hiker might bring (cheap folding knife, a couple bottles of water, a granola bar, flashlight, etc). Just you and basic gear someone JUST getting into the outdoors would likely bring along on what is SUPPOSED to be a short hike. The scenario could be getting lost or twisting an ankle. I'm looking forward to your next video!

  6. What if your going to your fav. Place to spend the night but you trip and you brake a bone or get hurt but you can't make it home you don't have a cell phone and no one can here you scream you try to head back home but you figure out it's going to take a lot of time….. Just an idea

  7. Yea, I'd like to see a day hike kinda thing. I usually take way more gear than needed but I'd definitely like to see it.

  8. Why not do a video about what Baltimore is going thru now, i.e. "Cival unrest, rioting, looting and mob violence?" You could combine this video with stealth camping in a attempt to reach a safe location.

  9. Hi Luke!
    Nice Jacket. I like it. Can you tell wich model/brand it is and wich experience you have with it?

    Btw: I stumbled in your channel yesterday by searching the ThruNite Ti flashlight. Nice videos you have. I do sometimes a little bit fitness, but your "30 mins full body workout" inspired me – today I had my 1st lesson and I feel great! Thanks! – Jens

  10. some sort of natural disaster that affects the ability to stock food at supermarket. thus hungry folks filter form the city out into the country to pilfer and scavenge. Real life Zombie apocalypse lol. starving unprepared city Folks