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  1. Too bad they don't make that Sawvivor…I have one and am having a real tough time finding replacement blades.

  2. FYI "Sawvivor" no longer available Nearest design/replacement is:"Bob Dustrude Quick Buck Saw"

  3. Thinking outside the box a little bit, but what about the Milkwaukee Tool folding saws that take Sawzall blades (of any variety you dream up) It weighs just under 7 ounces with a blade in it.

  4. This review is 4 years old… These 4 saws are junk, and don't perform as well as you'd think…
    I recently found the saw for my system that works far beyond my expectations… SILKY BIGBOY, OR SILKY GOMBOY

  5. Thanks man, I like the key hole saw idea, especially because I have a couple around here somewhere. Think I will sheath one and keep it in my pack. I am low budget right now anyway so I try to make do with what I have. Check out my video "What's in the Scoutmasters Bag?" And you will see what I mean.

  6. You know your saws are really old one being 12 years and one being 15 years old l am sorry but these saws are nearly new why do you guys exaggerate about how long you have been using something maybe to let people know you have tested the saw for years sounds better. Not really,!!! Regards Barrie Watson

  7. Try the Rocky mountain pack saw it's about 50 bucks it's got a side for detail work and carpentry and a side for firewood I love mine