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this is weird no no no this can’t be
this can’t be this is got the wrong it’s
gotta be wrong that’s where we are
whoa what’s wrong I took those photos
that I had from our last survival
challenge in the woods and I went on to
the Bigfoot hunter forums and I sent
them to a guy named Randy on Bigfoot
hunter forums and he got back to me
today after analyzing them with some
sort of technology and he says that 100%
these are photos of Bigfoot Logan
Indians living outside back of our house
we didn’t even know it
Jake there’s no such thing as Bigfoot
that’s what I thought Volken okay that’s
what I thought I thought we moved here
it’s safe all right
I didn’t think we even need his security
system but apparently we do check out
this is the photo I took no I
highlighted the picture I took and set
this to Randy now he says Jake who’s
Randy he’s just probably some person
Randy’s a 17 star Bigfoot hunter Logan
he knows what he’s doing
I’ll check this out okay got that right
there is Bigfoot
and if we highlight it and enhance
take that that could literally be
another tree thing if that’s not Bigfoot
I don’t know what that is okay and that
was taken literally 50 yards from this
now I triangulated the forest behind us
and if you check it out on big on the
Bigfoot map forum there is a lot of
sightings here
there’s even newspaper articles about
Bigfoot being seen in this area
not to mention Logan in the video itself
I found tracks that look like Bigfoot
prints uh I found something a little
weird you guys right there right there
Logan no I just glanced over it I walked
out of that forest I could have been
eaten Jake that literally looks just
like mud that someone stepped in died a
mile ogen it was a Bigfoot prints Jake
where are you going go find Bigfoot if
you’re not gonna come then you don’t
come all right let’s see some survival
gear some tools to do this myself
Jake it’s getting dark out you can’t go
out here we could use this to take a
mold up the footprints I found bring
them inside and analyze them all we got
to do is follow the same trail with some
flashlights and bring a camera maybe we
find Bigfoot maybe we don’t fine I’ll
come with you and do your Bigfoot thing
but if you’re wrong you have to admit
the Bigfoot doesn’t exist and Logan’s
way smarter than you all right fine fine
one let’s go guys here’s everything we
need to find ourselves a Bigfoot have
you’ve been like preparing for this a
little bit of time Logan okay plus we’ve
already gone up against the rake so we
had some stuff but I did take the
liberty of buying some things on Amazon
thank you by the way free let me use
your credit card what no it’s gonna be a
bit dark outside so we’re gonna need a
lot of flashlights we’ve got some new
head mousies things look like some
military greats CSI stuff I’ve got
gloves in case we need to handle
specimens mold if we find Bigfoot tracks
I’ve got a high definition sound
recording device so we can listen in on
a Bigfoot is around and a banana
what’s the banana for bait Logan bait I
don’t know a Bigfoot eats he very well
could eat people I don’t know gee why do
you have a razor this is self-defense
Bigfoot’s extremely hairy there’s one
thing hairy people are scared of
it’s razors now I see what we do guys is
we pack up all of our gear here at home
we travel into the woods now it’s gonna
be nighttime so we’re gonna have to rely
on our cameras flashlights and
thermal-imaging gear we grab as much
evidence as possible but we can not
Logan say anywhere past 3:00 a.m. that
is our cutoff time I don’t know what
happens with Bigfoot at 3:00 a.m. quite
honestly I don’t want to know we also
know that Bigfoot’s feeding time is
around 9 p.m. Jake how do you know that
Bigfoot hunting forms brother now with
this information here this should be
enough to capture everything main thing
no guys is we’re gonna need your help
any footage we capture any evidence we
grab you need to let us know in the
comments if you notice anything funky
with it and can help us discern whether
or not Bigfoot lives in our forest
behind our house if he doesn’t then
that’s great but based on the evidence
loken we might not be safe here at night
currently we’re heading into the woods
where we last saw traces a Bigfoot well
Jake the last time you saw big okay the
last time I saw Bigfoot but everything
points to these woods being the home of
where Bigfoot might be living now we
don’t know if there’s multiple Bigfoot’s
or or just one it’s uh it’s getting late
it’s really cold and it’s kind of
freezin it’s also close to Bigfoot
feeding time but this is the optimal
time to capture Bigfoot is that night
when he comes out when he’s not afraid
so let’s get moving because I certainly
am afraid baby
do not walk past here there’s a bit of a
cliff final look did see that right
except tree yeah goes over this crevasse
you’re gonna need to climb over there
and find us a way to get across I’m not
cross on gotta do a buddy you got to do
it all right all right I’ll do it
I’m gonna try and cross the river but do
not try this at home it’s very dangerous
I don’t think anyone’s gonna try that
Logan man I swear I heard something over
here now you’re going across there to
safety this is one Bigfoot ends up on
this side of the river and needs to be
alive because it’s feeding time right
Gil just like water in there – look at
that there’s like scratch marks all
along this long but what are those I
don’t know
Logan is heading across now and try and
find a path over this massive ditch all
right Logan if you see Bigfoot on the
I’m gonna run just stay there okay I’ll
go get help Jake there’s no such thing
as Bigfoot
all right man and guys if you see
anything in the forest let us know
anything in the distance it’s really
dark but this is the optimal time to
search for Bigfoot all right there Logan
goes just Logan whatever you do don’t
look down
Logan Logan something just move so they
just move the branch just moved behind
you okay you’re okay you’re okay I’m
looking I’m looking on the camera I
don’t see anything just keep going keep
well guys this isn’t good this isn’t
good I think I just saw something move
back there come on Logan you can make it
you can make it you’re almost there all
right nice you made it okay so Jake’s
taking the long way around I found a
path that connects us to the river but
since I’ve been here alone I’ve been
hearing a lot of weird things in the
I don’t think it’s Bigfoot guys in my
opinion I think Jake’s just done a
little bit too much research and you
know he’s he’s acting a little crazy but
that’s just between you and me guys go
yet dude what’d you find Jake check this
dude look at that – how far does this go
hello knows what there’s something
have you hear something at the end of
the tunnel what are you here I don’t
know I don’t know like a weird a weird
what G no no I heard that I heard the
veins you the banging what what was that
what okay dude I’m turning yeah I don’t
like this man okay did you heard that
right I don’t know if you heard that but
if so comment what you think that was
Logan I’m starting to think that maybe
someone put a great on that for a reason
guys I don’t know if you’ll be able to
see anything I don’t know I can’t see
much this thing goes on for a while and
so looks like Jake went off a little on
his own I’m still not convinced
Bigfoot’s a real thing but I have to
admit I did hear something in the tunnel
and I do feel a little spooked out what
Logan didn’t know however is that there
were in fact sightings in these woods
lots newspaper articles have been
written about pets going missing and
people seeing some sort of hairy looking
roaming at night the picture that I took
from our last video definitely concerned
me but I still wasn’t sure for myself so
we had to push forward putting all that
behind us yeah I think I should use the
thermal camera I’m hearing weird stuff
like what like Bigfoot stuff like I know
what you’re saying but the core raccoon
stuff yeah there’s Bigfoot there I don’t
know but I’m hearing things and it’s
coming from that direction I just would
like to use a thermal camera okay
not seeing anything guys you’re gonna
have to let us know if you see anything
on this hold on let me turn on thermal
one second thermals on line do I swear I
can saw something move here I can hear
stuff something moving back there in the
bush you see that what something’s
moving like very faintly it’s like it’s
like a something something something
something moves something moving
something moves on the bush low I’m
going home dude I don’t know what that
is but that’s either big fort or jumbo
the raccoon in either one I don’t want
to meet tonight Jake you dragged me all
the way out here to find Bigfoot now I
don’t believe in Bigfoot but we’re here
so we’re going after what
that was okay all right fine you know I
put the banana in your backpack so if he
starts chasing us he’s going after you I
don’t know what is on that camera or
what we saw until I get home to review
the footage but it looked big and furry
look on the ground here
those are footprints where they are big
footprints that’s not a footprint
the leaves are clearly moved here look
at how big this thing is
okay yeah so there’s another one here
yeah there’s lots of heading this way
Jake where are we going
gravel gets hard up here there’s no more
footprints we gotta find the trail whoa
whoa right here look look look see the
bush it’s all flattened here look at the
tree branch check this out look the
branches broken up here this is like
seven feet tall
Logan what are you seeing what I’m
seeing what is that bro that’s hair
that’s here rubbed up on the branch
I don’t want to be here anymore bro this
is part of something this is either like
some dude who was walking through the
woods with like long hair and seven feet
tall or something really big move
through here
it could be a bear and is that bear here
guys something like bear here what’s
bear hair look like I’ve never even seen
a bear I’m gonna I’m gonna put this in
my pocket we’re gonna bring this home
maybe we could like find someone to tell
us what kind of here this is we do like
a DNA thing Jake what about Randy
fucking Randy’s never been in this
situation okay I think those guys –
Stan’s a computer I’m actually out here
right now and I’m scared he must have
gone this way if you’re seeing this
footage and find this camera it means
that Logan was eaten by Bigfoot what
what roach is why I brought the posture
all right let’s make a mold of these
okay these these are big big bug friends
Jake now that you put the plaster in it
that’s a pretty big foot yeah we’ll be
able to get a better imprint of what it
looks like once we pull this out we’re
gonna need to let it harden and I was
kind of wait 30 minutes fast to set then
we can pull it out I’m not feeling this
freaking – I keep hearing things I know
I saw something on that footage man all
right we gotta let this set for a little
bit so why don’t we just keep exploring
we’ll come back in like 30 minutes and
grab this Bigfoot was gonna live here it
doesn’t make sense there’s a lot of
wealth sources of water there’s tons of
food in this forest
and it’s pretty inhabited so I don’t
know man I don’t like this one bit
there’s a massive tunnel here sit the
total system we saw earlier because
these systems are so scary because they
can be used by anything to travel I mean
they got hundreds of miles underground
sometimes dude what was that a branch
broke above your head hold on hold on I
don’t know what’s in these woods anymore
hi this is it fake point is it is it
right man is it maybe take out your
thermal camera okay hi I just calm down
calm down
probably just the raccoon or something
okay turning thermal camera on not
seeing anything
hey they’re right there so it’s gorgeous
so let’s go George

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