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  1. I ordered one of these survival kits to pack away in my car should an emergency ever happen. Personally I think everybody should have an emergency medical kit in their car and an emergency survival kit too. In my opinion it's very important to have both. Call it a form of "urban survival".

    I've come across people I've helped out on the road in the past, and it astounds me people have absolutely nothing in their car to help them in an emergency situation. I always take a lesson on what I should have in my car "for me", as well as what I would use in an emergency if I needed to help someone else.

    I've got a fire extinguisher, jump starter w/air pump, pro quality Jack, flashlights, fix-a-flat, medical kit, and now a les stroud survival kit. And honestly this stuff doesn't occupy much space at all or cost very much. More importantly, I shouldn't ever have to use these things, but I'll be glad to have it when I do need it.

  2. The new knife looks way better this time around especially the color, the blade design looks cool. I cant wait to snag one cause they keep the price budget friendly for what you get its a great deal.

  3. man iv missed your vids and les is my all time favorite survivalist id love to meet him and just hang out like that it be so cool
    i have his axe original ultimate survival knife i believe its the SK desert and thee folder love all 3 please review his new survival line im very tempted to buy them and i havent seen any reviews on them

  4. I like Les Stroud, but in s4e2 (Norway), he literally said that he believes in your own survival kit that you put together yourself, so you know what is in there, how to use it and that it works. "Those are the only kind of survival kits in my book." I get that he wants to make money, but it is just a wee bit hypocritical :).

  5. It s bear grill not cool anymore? Hahahaha go review some big stuff u might sucker sum people in buying junk like u did before

  6. So….on the sheath of his knife he has what looks like a sharpening stone. Hmmm…..wonder how many folks really know how to sharpen with a stone?

  7. Yeah, his larger 25 piece kit doesn't even include a knife. Ridiculous.
    I wish Shroud had teamed up with ESEE, instead. Heck, any company except the re-formed Camillus-in-name-only, made in China junk brand would have been better. But I'm sure they paid him a good chunk of change to use his name for their products.

  8. I don’t think is kit is very complete. Other off the shelf kits might be better be cause they include more different items. If you to Stroud’s kit you could make it more complete. His kit should have a belt loop or similar so it could be attached to your pack. Needing to carry it isn’t good.