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  1. Don't like it. This thing is way to big. A Mora and a folding-saw just cost AND weigh a lot less, and I can do more stuff with them. If you're dead-set on carrying a sturdy chunk of metal, take something shorter, like a BK2.

  2. Way too big for bushcraft. Great for a machete or splitter, but a nice 9 inch would be great for bushcraft.

  3. lol…a small mora is a good bushcraft knive…not that monster! its for wood processing type work

  4. Say Heah Cindy,, I wish I was there because I never thought sunshine had eyes until I looked at you. I have to agree with you, a big survival knife in the bush is my favorite, I'm talking real wilderness camping, I realize that you can't build a house with just one hammer, and having the right tool for the job is important, but a survival knife to me is what knife you have on you when things go south right away in a wilderness situation. I plan this depending on what type of outing I'm at, in a unknown area deep in the wilderness I carry one of my fav's and that's my Busse B.I.GM Nuclear Meltdown Fussion Steel Heart, even though I have the Anneversary Straight Handle Battle Mistress LE which is a little lonher, I find a well made 9 1/2" chopper suffices, the reason I go with the smaller chopper is I find it more managable with other tasks, I like a choil for that reason and a tough steel that I can trust its strenght, and ofcorce the edge retention, sure the knife your showing is a great knife, but doing this for a while now I find that my knife is what I worked up to by using other knives and their performances, and I have a few to base this on, anyhow I really enjoyed watching you and the scenery, good job keep up the good work.

  5. images.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/scorpion/images/SCCCST4.jpgcopied down the web address by hand, my family has been prepping over 23 years, its a solid peice with attached gripper, blade heavy