Tactical Flashlight Mesa Az How Can We Shop

– John, I don’t know what that was.
But I’m gonna get out of here.
– [John] Okay.
– [Stephen] It’s like, look
at this, all this water.
– What is going on?
– I don’t know – [Stephen] Just stay low.
– [John] Give me your hand.
– [ Stephen] Our light went out,
this is not good, the water.
Something causes the flood John.
– Where’s the electrical box?
(mumbles) where’s the electrical box?
John come on, come on, come on.
This way, go, go, go.
This way.
– I go (mumbles)
– [Stephen] This way
John, go come on, come on,
come on, come on.
Get down, get down, go, go, go.
Close that, close that,
close that, close that.
Oh my goodness.
Hey Sharers, what’s going
on, welcome to the vlog.
Welcome back to another crazy day.
So you saw in our last vlog,
John and I went back
into Escape Room tunnel.
We went all the way underneath the house.
We don’t know exactly where it went
but we think it’s somewhere in the middle
of the tennis courts where we traveled
and to get into that secret room,
we just went left in the tunnel
but that’s when things
got absolutely crazy.
– Yeah Sharers must have hit something
like another hatch, that
was holding water back
and let’s just say it’s flooded.
– Yeah it looks like once
we opened that hatch,
the water started draining everywhere,
so it shouldn’t be flooded for that long
but in the meantime we’re
going to gather some supplies,
so we can go back in there,
all the way to the X spot
that we need to land on.
– Yeah, let’s do it.
– So let’s go inside,
let’s grab some supplies.
I think I don’t even know
what we’re going to need.
Survey equipment, maybe some more cameras.
– Yeah I don’t know how
long we’ll be in there
so maybe some survival stuff as well.
– We can just camp out inside
this escape room tunnel hatch
and then once water goes down,
we’ll go into that
second part of the tunnel
and see what’s behind there.
– Exactly we can get into that bunker,
we can get all that evidence includes
that the missionary was referring to.
– Yeah sure, as you saw that
newspaper article was saying.
We’re about to find out what so secretive
about this Beverly Hills house.
So John let’s grab these supplies
and let’s get back in that tunnel.
– I got the not the most
important one already.
– [Jerry] John!
– What, soda, we’re
definitely gonna need soda
where we’re going.
– Okay fair enough but we
definitely need more lights
because it’s definitely
pretty dark in there.
There’s no electricity right now
because I think the water shorted it out,
so more flashlights the better.
– I got some candy just in
case you run into any issues
where we need candy.
– Are you gonna get supplies
that we actually need John.
– I have a rope.
(crickets creak)
– What’s the rope going to help with?
– I don’t know but you always bring a rope
whenever you’re on a
survival mission Stephen.
That’s like the first tip.
– Okay and let’s grab some
of that duct tape too.
That looks good.
Oh check this out, Sharers,
this is Kevlar string.
Do you know what’s so
cool about this string.
This one can hold 750 pounds.
– Whoa this one can hold 900 .
– And look how skinny it is.
It is not very thick at all.
This rope is super special,
so you can hold it more than that.
– Whoa stuff is so much bigger too.
– So John, I think it’s fair
to say we don’t need that rope.
We’re gonna use the Kevlar rope.
– Okay, if you say so.
In the mean time let’s grab
everything else such as
this Nerf blaster.
– What do we need the Nerf Blaster for?
– Well you never know what
you’re gonna run into out there.
– [Steven] Whoa.
– And the last thing Stephen,
some inflatable beds,
just in case we spend a
little extra time in there.
– This looks perfect, I think
we’re ready to go camping
in the underground escape room tunnel.
Let’s bring that all
in and let’s get going.
Come on John, bring this
stuff in as much as we can.
Hope we can do it all in one trip.
Okay, so check it out Sharers.
We got both the air mattresses in here and
then we have what ..oh it’s still so wet.
Oh my goodness, it’s literally
so wet, look at this.
We have all of our supplies here.
So John we had this entire tunnel section
If you’re not sleeping, if you
get up we can actually like
make this a cool camp and fort and stuff.
– Well, we have two beds so I
guess we’ll put one down there
and that’ll be your bed and
my bed will be over here.
– So let’s move mine all
the way down to this end.
It’s where the water’s coming.
Oh my goodness look at all this water.
Look at this.
There’s so much water everywhere.
Oh John, think it’s drying up,
I don’t think it’s getting
worse which is good.
I can tell you right now,
we’re definitely somewhere
underneath the house.
It is so far.
Here bring my bed down here,
we can get it set up down here
It might float in the water down there.
There’s so much in that section
– [John] It’s a little big, can you help?
– [Steven] Yeah here I’m coming John.
Push, there we go.
Perfect, perfect, perfect.
So Sharers, since we’re
underneath this tunnel right now.
I’m gonna go set up my section,
I’m gonna grab flashlights,
a sleeping bag and then I’ll
bring this Nerf Blaster here.
So come down with me,
all the way down here.
John this is going to
be the better section
because I think the tunnel actually,
it’s a little bit bigger here, so..
– [John] Well I think you are right,
but I think it’s gonna
flood over here soon
if any more water comes in.
– It’s not, it’s dry, I can
tell, look, it’s not bad.
– [John] Yeah, you’re right, its not bad.
– It’s a good thing that
they line this tunnel thing
with like a tarp.
– [John] I think that’s
what keeps it waterproof
cause it looks like
there’s water all around.
– My guess is that whoever
built it didn’t want the mud
because sometimes if the mud gets wetter,
it can cause collapsing.
So they probably keep it
dry, is what I’m assuming
– [John] That’s true.
– Look at that, perfect and
then this is my section.
– [John] Not too bad.
– I got my Nerf Blaster just like this.
Then I can fire it at John.
(John groans)
Sorry, in case anything bad happens.
So I’m set up John.
Let’s go check out your section.
Oh and Sharers, in case we end up
being this tunnel overnight let’s just say
if John falls asleep, I got
a little shaving cream prank
to do on him, so smash the
Like button and get ready.
– [John] Hey what did you say?
– Oh sorry coming coming.
John let’s see your
section, looks so cool.
Okay the water’s, I think getting lighter.
I’m not sure, yeah it’s
definitely dryer over
in this section.
You got the dryer section.
– Higher up here okay.
So Stephen check this out.
So first got my bed, got a sleeping bag
so that I can stay nice and warm.
Little chilly over here I’m not gonna lie.
– [Stephen] Oh soda pile!
– Yeah okay so I got Mentos.
Candy always good to have on hand.
Two pack just so you could get real hungry
and last I still brought that line.
I know it’s not as strong
but just in case something happens.
And sure if the water gets worse,
we do have a waterproof GoPro with us,
so we should be all set and ready to go.
– Well one more thing Stephen,
check this out, ready?
– [Stephen] What is it?
– Look!
– [Stephen] You brought
little hamburgers for snacks?
– No, these are not hamburgers.
I always make sure to keep
two Hamburger Yo-Yos on hand
at all times just in case
you run into a situation,
you can do something like this, ready?
Wooh..okay, here’s not much
space to do Yo-Yo in here
but anyway it could come
in handy down the line.
– Oh hamburger yo-yo,
oh okay you’re right,
there’s not that much room
to do a yo-yo in this tunnel.
It’s too small.
– Yeah so much for these yo-yos.
Well I’m sure we’ll find some
other use for them right?
– Yeah yo-yos are super useful.
I might just go take a nap
John, maybe you should too.
– Yeah it’s probably a
good idea I’m really tired,
now that I think about it.
– Yeah and then maybe once you wake up,
we can have something fun to do.
So go ahead and take a nap.
– Okay Stephen, sounds
good, I’ll see you in a bit.
– [Stephen] Good night.
– Good night.
– Okay so Sharers.
So far so good, John’s completely asleep.
To make sure he really
is let’s just test it
with a little Nerf Blaster Awakening.
Three, two, one fire.
(nerfgun blasts)
Yeah he’s sound asleep,
didn’t even feel the
nerf darts hitting him.
Okay so that brings us to our next plan
that shaving cream on hand prank,
so it’s a pretty classic prank.
All you do is you go to
someone who’s sleeping,
you put a little shaving
cream on their hand
and then you would tickle their face
so they think something’s itching them
while they’re sleeping and they go..
and the shaving cream gets on them.
And it’s gonna get all over him
because I’m gonna use a lot more than just
this amount of shaving cream.
So clear my face off, I don’t
need to shaving cream prank.
John does, here we go, shaving
cream prank, let’s do it!
Okay, here we go.
Okay, so far so good,
John is completely asleep.
It’s gotta be quiet.
This tunnel’s little narrow.
Okay oh this is perfect
he’s totally asleep.
Here we go.
Oh this is perfect.
Oh my goodness, this is perfect.
Okay there we go, there
we go, there we go.
Okay, perfect.
Okay now it’s time for a
little tickle on the face.
Here we go.
Oh my goodness!
That prank worked better than I thought.
Oh my goodness Sharers, oh my goodness!
It’s all over, look!
My goodness, this is crazy.
Okay he didn’t wake up, so I don’t know
how that shaving cream got there.
Let’s go ahead and head back,
he’ll eventually wake up.
So this never happened, don’t tell him,
don’t say anything in the comments.
I’m gonna take a little snoozer,
hopefully he doesn’t wake up, good night!
What, what is going on?
Oh my gosh, oh my goodness,
John, John wake up!
John, John, where are you?
John, John it’s flooding
in here John, John, John.
– Yo, what is on my face?
– [Stephen] Whoa, whoa,
sorry that was a prank I did.
on your face
Ignore the prank, John look at this look.
Look at all this water.
It’s flooding in here,
the tunnel’s flooding.
– What oh my goodness, it’s so deep.
– [Stephen] Oh my goodness,
John it’s flooding.
What are we supposed to do?
– All our stuff is gone, look.
Everything’s wet.
– [Stephen] Everything’s floating.
– My soda!!
– [Stephen] Our bed are
floating and everything.
Oh my goodness the flashlight
is, oh my goodness.
– [John] Let’s grab in
a rope just in case.
– Okay, the flash lights
are barely working.
They’re filling with water.
It’s cutting out.
No that was me, that was me.
Should we leave?
What do we do?
– (mumbles) is our chance
to get inside that hatch.
– Okay.
– [John] Come on, gotta
figure something out.
– [Stephen] Should we just
go all the way down there?
It’s getting dark
I can’t really see.
– [John] Wait my whole bed’s
floating, I have like a raft.
Look at this.
– [Stephen] Oh my goodness,
that’s actually kinda cool.
Wait a second John.
– [John] What?
– My raft is closer to
the to the other tunnel.
Why don’t we hop on mine?
– [John] Here, you grab this rope.
– Okay
– [John] and lead it down to your raft.
– Sharers, we’re still gonna go explore
the other part of the tunnel.
I’m afraid we don’t explore the tunnel,
it will completely fill up
and we’ll never get to see
what’s on the other side.
– Throw me that rope,
oh okay, I’m going John.
– [John] Hey, I’m on my raft.
– Okay, you ready?(mumbles) here we go.
– [John] I’m grabbing
everything we need as we go.
I got duct tape, keep going.
– [Stephen] Okay, come
on John, I’m pulling you.
– The flashlight, oh I’m exploding.
– [Stephen] Come on John.
– Got more duct tape.
– [Stephen] Okay, come on.
– [John] Alright, keep pulling.
– [Stephen] I’m trying, oh!
– [John] Grab the Nerf Blaster,
Nerf Blaster, just in case.
– [Stephen] Okay, grab
that, grab that, grab that.
– [John] Alright, got it.
– [Stephen] Super dark in here.
All the flashlights are
getting like burn out.
Okay come on, I’m pulling you.
– [John] Keep pulling me.
– [Stephen] I’m pulling you
John, come on little farther.
Go this way and then we
can turn left up here.
– [John] Keep going, keep going.
– We’ll turn left up here,
I think we should hop on
one raft, it’ll be easier.
– [John] Hop on one raft?
– Yeah, hop on mine and
it’s not that deep here.
It’s completely wet and
cold but we can make it
through the second part
of the tunnel, come on.
– I’m leaving everything behind.
We just gotta figure out
whenever something else.
– John we can go right through this okay?
– [John] You go first.
– Here we go, come on.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, John the
water’s getting way deeper.
Look at this, look at this.
John look it’s getting so deep.
– [John] Oh my goodness.
– [Stephen] It’s like a cave down there.
There’s something at the end,
we can keep going to the end.
We’ll be good.
– [John] Okay, keep going.
– Okay I don’t know how
to move any more John.
I think we’re gonna have
to like get in the water
or something.
– Yeah you get in the water.
– No, you’re, are you serious?
Looks scary, look’s like
there’s like sharks down here.
Look how deep that goes
John, it’s an infinity hole.
– [John] Are you gonna?
– [Stephen] No John that’s so
scary, what is this Sharers?
What is going on?
– You go down there.
– I don’t think we should go any farther.
– No you have to, we have to go,
we have to find the end of this, somehow.
– I don’t think we should
go any farther down.
– No, we have to, this is our
one chance before the floods.
Come on.
– Sharers comment right now, yes or no.
Would you go down this,
look how scary that is.
Oh my goodness.
John this is so scary, there’s
something down there too.
– I wonder if its like money
or treasure, keep going.
– Oh my goodness, okay John.
We’re just gonna paddle, I’m gonna paddle.
It’s like we’re on a boat now.
– [John] Keep going
– [Stephen] I’m trying, I’m trying.
There we go.
Oh my Gosh, John I don’t want to fall in,
I don’t want fall in.
– [John] Just go for it come on.
– [Stephen] We’re getting to the end.
I feel like at the end is that room.
– [John] Can you see anything?
– [Stephen] No, I’m gonna get lower.
– [John] I don’t want the water.
– It goes really deep, I
don’t wanna go in the water.
– [John] Come on, we have
to figure something out.
– [Stephen] I’m gonna get lower.
John this is crazy, look!
Can you see anything?
– [John] No, what’s down there?
– [Stephen] I’m only really paddling.
– [John] Alright, keep going,
keep going, keep going.
– [Stephen] We’re fully immersed.
Oh my goodness John, this is so scary.
– [John] Just keep going,
we have to figure out
what’s at the end of this.
– It’s not moving anymore.
John looks like there’s
like fish down here.
– [John] Oh we got to figure that out.
– [Stephen] Oh my Gosh,
John, look how deep it goes.
– [John] Whoa, looks like
ten feet deep or more.
– [Stephen] It’s so
deep, this is so scary.
Look, there’s little
things in the water too.
– [John] what is it?
– I don’t know John, it’s really scary.
– [John] Just keep going, we have to.
– I don’t know, we’re gonna have to get
like scuba gear or
something, this is so scary.
Oh my goodness, John this is wild.
I think there’s animals, I don’t know.
– [John] Animals, what kind of animals?
– Looks like there could
be animals, oh my goodness
Oh my goodness John, this is so scary.
– [John] Wait, I see, I see something.
– [Stephen] What, what,
what is it, what is it?
– [John] A fog, there’s a fog
is down there or something.
– [Stephen] Oh my goodness,
this is so scary, I don’t know.
– [John] Here, try to grab it.
– [Stephen] No, no, John this is so scary.
– [John] Keep going.
– [Stephen] I don’t know
John, this is so scary.
I don’t know, I don’t know anymore.
John, oh my goodness, we’re almost there.
– [John] There’s something down there.
– [Stephen] It’s starting
to fog, look at this.
Why is it fogging?
– [John] Look how deep it is.
– [Stephen] I know John, it’s so scary.
I think we should go back.
This is so scary.
– [John] No, this is our one chance,
we have to figure out what’s
– This is so scary, Sharers
I don’t know what to do.
Comment down below, yes or no.
– [John] Come on, figure something out.
– [Stephen] Oh my goodness,
what should we do,
what should we do?
– We have to do it, come
on, it’s our only option.
– I don’t know.
– [John] Wait, what’s that bubbling noise?
– John..John..what’s that noise?
Oh my goodness John, our
raft is going, about to sink.
– [John] Go back, back, back.
– [Stephen] Go back go back.
John our raft is sinking.
Are you serious?
What’s going on?
(water gushes)
we gotta get out of here, it’s
sinking, John, John, John!
(water gushes)
Flashlight, flashlight John.
Here, here we go.
Go, figure your way out,
jump here, jump here.
John, we’re gonna be okay!
– [John] It’s really deep over here.
– Oh, John, careful, careful,
here lead the way, go.
Oh Man, it’s flooding like crazy!
Get out of here, go, go, go, go.
Oh my goodness, that was so cold.
– I’m freezing now.
– Okay, Sharers, I don’t
know what just happened
but that tunnel just flooded.
We gotta come up with a new plan.
– The hatch collapsed on us
and the water completely went all over.
– Comment, comment below, what
we should bring next time?
We need like serious
scuba gear or something.
– I need a towel or something.
– Okay, we’ll see you in the next vlog,
until then Sharers, you know what to do.
Stay awesome and share the love.
Peace, wooh.
(intense music)

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