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  1. i have this one, but withou battery and USB, so how can i charge this one? how much V are normal for this?

  2. I have the Ruger 800k version, it looks identical to the one your displaying. Glad to know it works well.

  3. I just got my Zap Stick in the mail today! OMG!!!! I tested it on my thigh and it is the most powerful stun gun I’ve ever had! **The guys in this video are not exaggerating the effects at all. It only advertises 800,000 volts but has more “bite,” more “uCs”than the cheap 20,000,000+volt stun guns sold online; forget them. Just stick this in an attacker’s side, chest, neck area, squeeze the fire bottom and the fight’s over, finished, done! Trust me, he’ll pick someone else.

    I have personally experienced moderate to severe pain and know what stopping power feels like. This will stop someone and put them on the defensive. They will not want anymore to do with you after being shocked by this. The design puts extended length past your grip like a fixed blade knife does which gives you the reach advantage over most attackers. The handle has a tough rubber coating with finger grooves. It won’t slip. It’s offered in pink color too for the ladies. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing your girl has this with her when she goes out late to some mini market, or to the 24-hr Walmart?

    The sheath is superior quality to others that come with stun guns, but the belt clip doesn’t grab as much as I’d like. It feels like it could work it’s way off my belt with enough activity, and I’m active enough to where it needs to grab the belt more tightly. It is a durable sheath and would protect it inside a purse, back pack cargo pocket or glove box. It’s definitely not a deal breaker. Even without a sheath the Zap Stick alone would be a great value, but if you are concerned about it slipping off your belt just order a suitable flashlight holder to fit it. I just ordered a 6.5-8.0 inch flashlight holder on Amazon with a canvas belt loop that snaps together around a belt, and is molle compatible. That will customize it perfectly for my needs.

  4. How quickly and easily can it be turned on if someone sneaks up on you? Can it simply be activated with a thumb. What good would it be in a purse?

  5. There’s no such thing as a fuckin 800k volt taser clown…. lmao…. no such fuckin thing