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Hello everybody it is take the journey here and welcome to take the journey
To my channel today. I will be heading the call
to siren head
Ladies and gentlemen siren head is a sexy little game. I found on the popular page of
Itch.io and you know
If I wanted to get a million subscribers
I mean if I want to get two million subscribers I mean already famous, then I gotta get some famous
and easy peasy lemon
Squeezy I didn’t pick my nose. Ah Pine Ridge hiking trail. No vehicles allowed well Ha ha ha

Haha, aha, oh I left my car on the other side so I’m still safe, okay
Just realized sirens are my deepest fear. Oh
Why is the shadows changing?
The sun’s going down, oh hell the sun’s going down
Anyways, this game is apparently as you can see it’s
Pixelated inspired
Can’t turn my flashlight Oh a scrap of a shirt looks like there was a struggle
Interesting, okay a pixelated game and it looks like I’m running away from something
More strange scratch marks, a bush
Minecraft, okay, but this game is apparently the scratches seem to lead up here. Really?
Apparently it’s just a sex 2 game pixelated to look a little sexier. That’s all so there’s not much to say about it
Siren head is obviously
You know, it’s pretty simple in the name
he is a
guy that has a siren for a head.
and I’m not really sure
Specifically what I’m supposed to do
What the hell is that? I should take a closer Look. I don’t really want to I don’t think that would be necessarily
the best
But you know what
Let’s just do it because I don’t want to die. What is this thing? Could that be what is it a baby?
What is this
What is it?
Oh my that’s a big boy right there
That’s a big boy no, no. Oh god, I hate that noise, nope, nope. Nope NO
Nope nope, nope, nope, nope. Nope. Nope. This is a this is like legit noises I hate
You’re too slow bro Bry you’re too slow we gotta focus on walking
We gotta focus on walking brother
Ye ye ye
You gotta focus on walking. Oh, I’m just kidding. Don’t focus on walking
Just kidding just just just just stay there please it’s just
to stay there
It’s just you don’t you don’t need what is that? Got to get back to the truck now? I know what is that though? Okay
All right. Im going back to the truck
oh my god this guy’s
this guy is sexually
Get, did I won
Is that it is that all I gotta do is it the end of the game?
How long does it take you to get in the car bro
your like woah woah
It’s funny cuz besides like like a nuclear siren and the whole environment thing
These actually freaked me out, too
Wow, that was really extremely short. that was like really short
let uh
Maybe I missed something. Let me see that again. Alright, so
Is that oh, oh I’m supposed to look at that. Is that a warning sign where could that be coming from?
Yeah, that’s got to be the scariest thing in the world
Okay, I didn’t look at that in the beginning. it’s a backpack maybe belongs to the missing hiker
But why leave i behind why would he DO such a thing he needs his survival gear
He needs his survival gear.
Why oh, why in the world?
Would he not take his survival gear with him? why
Just leave it in a bush in the middle of nowhere
Why does he not care?
Is it not important? Oh the Sun is extremely being affected alright
Let’s see if I missed anything else. Is that really all I missed
And then of course there’s this scrape here sure looks like there was a struggle because apparently, mr. Siren uhh
Struggles people. All right. So I look at this more strange tree scratch marks from what it doesn’t even
Can I even crouch yeah, I can’t all right
So should I wait till it’s like full on midnight or is this is this, Is this the midnight?
look at this minecraft
Minecraft logic just going over it like nothing. Oh these scratches seem to lead up here.
What’s that over there?
What is that monstrosity over there? I?
do not know what it is and I am very very
Weirded out by it
Now, what did I miss? Did I miss? Yes. I did. What the hell is that? I should take it closer
Im not even looking over there
haha its just like. What the hell is that tree right there?
I’ve never seen anything like it Oh looking this way
Dear heaven, what is that though? Could that be what?
It doesn’t even show what it is. Oh
It’s a red tree
What is this oh
Hi, I was just looking at your art here so, uh
If you don’t mind if you don’t much sir now, sir
Excuse sir. I wanted to know it this way sir. I was what I wanted to see what this was
I wanted to see sir Sir Pitt put me down, sir, sir
Is there is dangerous perhaps just drop me gently on the floor I
Think I think this game is really trying to dig in deep
I don’t think siren head is a bad, dude
I think he’s just trying to make some friends and he’s like trying to show off some art
Let’s try to figure it out one more time. I just want to get a little closer look so today can shoot it is a
PVC PT PT PP and why does that car look like Jurassic Park right there. Oh I can look at the car
So I technically missed one
Until I find everything I Shall naught end the game. no i will not done sir no i will not
Well, my old forest truck I should really get it washed
He says it like he hasn’t used it. Like how did I get here?
Oh my old ford truck like it’s been waiting here for me or something. And I just spawned here a hiker was reported missing
I was sent here to take a look around for them. Hopefully they’re not hurt
Okay, that makes a little bit more sense to the stories now. Oh
Dear a warning. So what could that be?
OH no they left there backpack why would they leave their backpack. Whyy
Why, why, oh my god. Could that be? Oh my god. a scrap of a shirt. looks like there’s a struggle. It’s Christmas
Thats what you mean mate? thats not any animal I know of.
Boo boo boo boo boo
Boo, boo boo boo a more strange scratch marks. I wonder that it is. Oh my good. Oh my god Oh,
Scratches seemed to lead up here. Yeah. Yeah, it seems that way seems this path leads up here. Oh
my god
What on?
Heavenly earth. Is that monstrosity over there?
What the hell is that? I should take a closer. Could that be.
oh my god
What is it? I can’t even tell what this is
Now can I just stare at it for 50 years and mr. Siren won’t even notice me
Just kidding. Oh
Just kidding. Mr. Siren. Give me a break. Give me a brak
Give me a brak
Give me a brak
I’m just gonna I’m just gonna run back
Let’s see if we can hear what he has to say
There’s a situation shit. Shoot shoot shoot. I
Just want to get a closer look at your sexy siren ma’am
You seem like a gentle giant. I have to say what is that? Did you make a poopoo?
Did you make a poopoo right there? Don’t don’t give me that don’t you dare?
Give me that. what was that huh, huh? You you are you scrapping all over the world?
Are you poopoo and all over the world mister? What is that by the way, huh? All right, I’m gonna go
Fine. I was trying to be your friend dude. You seem like a very friendly giant
very very good boy
What you say i didnt even hear what he said, so apparently I get in my car. I don’t start it and I just die
even though I
It sounds like the car drove off without me
So, I guess that’s it that’s the game
I just wanted to find the rest of the clues so that way I would actually have a little just a little bit of content
Cuz it ended like in five minutes and then it was like what’s the point slimy swamp ghosts? And
Trevor Henderson good work and my friends the creature is extremely cool and I love the idea
You just need to leave work a teensy bit on the length of the game. It’s a little
short and also it’s not as
horrifying as I thought it was going to be so but it is it is pretty damn cool and
Keep keep trying. Anyways, that sounded really
it was a good game and I really liked the idea because I’m extremely afraid of sirens and anything like that you can see from
My video right to here or right here
I don’t remember which one is gonna slide out of that says my greatest fear, which is play a game called rot
And it had a siren in it and I can’t handle sirens
that game is an example what this game needs to kind of add it a little bit and I think then it’ll be
Officially markiplier proof. Anyways, thank you guys so much for watching
please leave a like if you did happen to enjoy leave a like if you
Feel bad for the backpack
It was just left behind, just left behind.
And as always I will see you when I here heed the call to the next journey
adios guys

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