Tactical Flashlight Mounting Brackets How Can I Shop

– I have the best deal
on a personal generator
and power bank…
– To charge all of your tech.
– And I’m giving one away for free.
(bright electronic music)
Hi, I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt Granat.
– And I’m the deal guy’s
sister, Michelle Granat.
– Yes!
That’s my sister.
And my sister lives in London.
We’re actually right now
at Google’s YouTube Studios
where they were kind of enough
to let me visit you today,
and Michelle does not have a power bank.
– I do not have a power bank.
That’s true.
But I feel I could use one.
– And you have…
How many phones do you
have on you at all times?
– I have two phones on me at all times.
– What types of phones?
– Both iPhones.
– This is the only reason
we’re sometimes not related.
Android, iPhone.
We still get along.
And for those of you with
different charging needs
and those of you that want
that personal generator power
on the spot, this is durable.
– There’s also an SOS mode
and an emergency flashlight.
– We’re gonna give you the full demo.
It’s waterproof.
It’s submersible.
We’ve got a big giveaway coming up.
Let me put this in action.
Not only is this completely
waterproof and submersible…
Oh, yeah.
You can just keep going with this.
But it is ready to rock out of the box.
Now, watch what happens.
I plug an Android into here,
and again, you could
use this with a tablet.
You could use this with
all sorts of other devices.
But I’m gonna use an Android
and an iPhone as the example,
and you can see right
now, this is charging.
It’s ready to go.
Same thing.
Plug an iPhone in.
You are not only going to get
at least an additional day
of battery life, but in the
event of an emergency or a storm
where you don’t have access to power,
this portable generator which
is now powering two devices…
This item, which is
usually 80, I found for 37.
– [Michelle] So even
though it’s solar-powered,
you can also plug it into
the wall, which is great,
if you’re in places like London,
which don’t get a lot of sun.
And for those of you
who have been through those
absolutely tragic hurricanes,
this would be an essential
device to have on hand.
– So I have my sister’s iPhone,
which I’ve just plugged in right here.
– And now it’s charging.
– You would get an additional full day,
possibly 13 hours of battery life
depending on your consumption,
just from this thing.
– [Michelle] That would be great.
I mean, I do a lot of
hiking, and, you know,
I need the power to take
pictures and contact people.
– You hike?
– Yeah, I know.
I’m the more athletic one in the family.
– Oh, okay.
So one of the nice things
is the durability of this.
Now, I won’t do this to your iPhone,
but I just want people to see.
Do you mind just moving out
of the shot for a second?
– Yeah.
– Just go this way.
(generator clatters against wall)
So, it’s completely unscathed.
It’s not cracked.
The solar panel up front obviously
would still be able to
absorb that precious light.
But I wanna show everyone
right now that this would
still work perfectly while
being smashed against cement.
Okay, you plugged in?
– Yep, and there we go.
– That’s how you do durability tests.
Did you know that?
– No.
– So, this could be 15 times
more durable than any device
you’re charging, which is
kind of the ironic part.
– Yeah, absolutely.
I drop my iPhone all the time.
As you can see, it’s already cracked,
but it doesn’t seem like this would crack.
– Can you guys see that right there?
So, one day, they’ll
hopefully make an iPhone
like they make this power
bank and personal generator.
– Yeah, that would be awesome.
– The output out of this
is absolutely insane.
If you do wanna grab this deal,
it’s located right under the video screen.
Do you know what this is time for now?
– What’s it time for?
– We’re giving one away for free.
– Who’s getting one?
– Using Two Buddies’ random
selection tool to find a very
lucky subscriber who’s commented
in the last six months.
Congratulations goes to…
– [Michelle] Dianna.
– Dianna!
You’ve won.
Were you raising the roof for Dianna?
– I am raising the roof for
Dianna with the power bank,
which is still working.
– And you’re getting a new one.
If you have just watched right now
and you wanna get your
hands on more holiday items,
early access to Black Friday
deals and Cyber Monday…
– Do you have any mattress deals?
– Yes, actually, I do.
Right around Black Friday, some of the…
Are you moving?
– I am.
I just bought a house.
– Yes!
My sister’s so smart and successful.
I’m so proud of her.
We’ll give you a full tour of the house
with the mattress deals.
Those drop right around Black Friday.
That week leading up to November,
I’m going to have the
most incredible deals,
and I’m actually buying one as well.
So I can buy one with you.
– Perfect.
– If you wanna make sure
you don’t miss any deals,
there is a very easy
way to get subscribed.
– Click on my brother’s head right here.
– Is that weird?
– Very weird, yes.
– And if you missed that last
big roundup of deals I did,
no issue.
Click right under me.
There is your link to everything you need.
And will you come back to
do a new video with us?
– Yeah, for the mattresses.
– Yes, okay.
– Absolutely.
– Awesome.

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Tactical Flashlight Mounting Brackets How Can I Shop

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  1. Unless I missed something. You guys did not mention how long it takes for the solar charger to go from empty to a full charge from the Sun.
    You reviewed it and described it as nothing more than a backup battery, not a solar charger.

  2. Many copies from this design just the name changed…. Be aware this device is not water proof the covers come off very easy even without touching them