8 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Mounting Brackets How Can We Purchase At 0:42

  1. Just got the Neutron 2C V2 yesterday.. I am very impressed with this lite.. I will definitely be getting another Thrunite.

  2. I got the archer 1c and it's a much better light for less than half what that cost. It's not titanium but it's super light anyways. It's got 5 modes instead of 3, adding a medium mode and strobe. I use the medium mode (90 lumens) on a regular basis. The high setting is 281 lumens and also runs on a single cr123 battery. Also you don't wanna leave lights using 123's, 18650's etc on high for more than 10 minutes because there is a risk of harming you and your light. Good review brother. Take Care and Be Aware

  3. Hi Luke, I love this preview of the flashlights. you should check out LaserGenetics, they are great flashlights, I guess they're mostly for hunting and Illuminating targets at night, but I use them for night hiking all the time, and they work great, but they are on the expensive side

  4. HEY GREAT REVIEW very detailed and informative. im trying to find a new EDC flashlight with a belt clip for under 50 bucks …this looks like it. what else is better?

  5. Looks great but I agree with others. It would be better if it took standard batteries…. Easier if you are gone for a long time.