10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Mounts Order Online At 13:40

  1. What mafia do you gotta piss off to be in the type of situations that these tacticool people describe?

  2. that's ridiculous Swinging flashlight as a weapon against a man's head that's when he can grab it from you

  3. Just saw this video. It is excellent straight talk with no paranoia thrown in for sensationalism. Just frank points. I have definitely made the decision to EDC a quality flashlight (and to stop using my IPhone light). I appreciate the nudge that I needed.

  4. Excited to get an Elzetta Bravo with M6 Head and special drop-in and Thyrm Switchback. Soon I'll get a tank in my hand. Will get seperate AVS Head afterwards for extreme durability if needed.

  5. A good REAL tactical flashlight is an essential tool. Knowing how to properly use it and getting some practice with it is good to. Carry it day and night and always keep it in the same pocket. I live in a nice area and have been attacked many times. There are a lot of bad people in this world. Always be aware of your surroundings. Be prepared and stay safe!

  6. I love my Elzetta Bravo B343, really beast. The quality of the flood lens is excellent, it is truly a wall of light but still have the blinding capability at close range.