10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Mounts Where To Buy At 11:38

  1. that Johnson & Johnson first aid kit is a 99 cents at the .99 cent store, it's not $4.99! I think this company "survival box" is lying on most of the products prices!

  2. Most of the items in that box can be bought @ target or walmart. I've been researching subscription boxes and this is by far the worst box on the market now. I want items that are unique. Looks like the goons at survival box buy bulk from Walmart then stuff this shit into their branded box and are getting rich. You need to cancel now, your getting ripped off my friend. Thanks for the video and saving other folks money by not subscribing to this box.

  3. This will ALWAYS be more expense than buying your own gear. 1) you get stuff you already have or you dont need 2) the items will ALWAYS be more expensive this way, they have to buy it and then sell it back to you – why would you even do this??? when you can go to any hardware, kmart, military, outdoor shop and get the exact same things for a much cheaper price.
    This is a scam that is taking up the prepers wave (and good for them, they know how to make money with little work) just not on my pocket!

  4. nice review. Comparing the prices of the items in the box and Amazon is not a fair assessment because unless you have Prime you still have to pay for shipping from Amazon. For those that say they can get the items for less locally, not everybody can get to said places or don't have the knowledge or time to run from place to place. Just my two cents…

  5. Looks like a lot of crap to me!!! Yea put the bumper sticker somewhere for the whole world to see so they could follow you home to loot you!!!

  6. Got to be kidding, Basic bottled water is dirt cheap. Good matches and a Bic are cheap. Basic boo-boo kits are nothing, $5-15$. That knife sucks. $5 any where gets a better knife. Throw out the Mountain House junk and buy some Knorr rice mixes. $1 each. Buy some DAK ham and canned chicken, and you are WAY better off. Buy a bag of tea candles, and you beat this kit.