15 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Near Me How Can One Buy At 5:38

  1. You have such an interesting channel. I think I learn something from every video. Thank you.

  2. Several months ago you posted a video where you had built what I think you called a defuser for a laser. As I recall, you were throwing a massive beam across a freeway. Are you going to post how you built it? Thanks. Always enjoy your work!!

  3. I all ways like u r video. your concept is v.good .
    it help me to make my EDC compact . thanks & good going

  4. It's ashame that I can't buy altoids tins here in Germany, otherwise I would definitely make your tin survival kits

  5. very helpful your videos – if you have an idea how to transport the daily useful amount of paracord – please show us…greethings from austria

  6. Hey I was just wondering how long this series would ask.
    great vid also, keep up the good work

  7. Can you do the same idea with the duct tape wrapped around the altoids tin to keep it sealed and save space?

  8. Can you do some more laser videos because I really like the diffuser you showed in a previous video and I think a lot of people would want a. Tutorial for that.

  9. @Prepper Potpourri suggested your channel for EDC Survival Tins. I see you are a duct tape wizard! Awesome idea! Thanks. (Prior video: paper clip as a multitool: Brilliant! LOL. I love how that mind works!)

  10. I was hoping you will one day explain your recomendation, that you gave in your Altoids tin video. Thanks, now I'm a believer!

  11. Instead of wasting time polishing the tin and to use the lid.
    Glue in a piece of Mylar.
    Much shiner.
    Just take your time and insure it is very smooth and flat.
    Also to water resistant an Altoids tin people tout wrapping wit electrical tape good for 1 maybe 2 reuses.
    People wrap a ranger band or two around the tin vertically to hold it closed.
    Try cutting the band the height as the tin. Wrap horizontally the rubber will mold around the gap and the hinge holes. While it won't be water proof it will be very, very water resistant.