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So I’ve been wanting to make this video
for several years now and I just hadn’t
got around to making it.But anyways as
Preppers, one of the big concerns that we
always have is lighting, because we know
that after shtf we’re probably not gonna
be able just go and flip a light switch
on. Now before we go any further into
this video, I know that there’s some
people that’s watching this video that’s
it’s just itching to type: “Light
discipline! Don’t forget about light
discipline!”…. But folks, this video is
not about light discipline, it’s about a
cheap way for Preppers to have lights
for a long time after shtf.
So when I very first started prepping I
ran out and I bought several of these
oil lamps (also known as hurricane lamps)
but one of the issues that I have with
these oil lamps is that unless you have
a way to make the oil for it, pretty soon or
eventually you’re going to run out of
oil or fuel for it. And these things can
be dangerous too. With the open
flame, they get pretty hot.
And there’s also been a lot of fires
that’s been started when these things
have accidentally gotten knocked over.
And then several years ago I discovered
the solar lamps or solar lanterns
(whatever you want to call them) and these
are usually what I buy now rather than
the old fashioned hurricane lamps.
And one of the other things that I like
about these is that these usually run
about twenty dollars each, so that puts
these well into the range of
most of us poor Preppers they’re. It’s been my experience that
these are not usually as bright as the
propane lamps
but again they’re safer and they’re not
going to cause a fire if they get knocked over.
And the other thing that I like
about these is that you don’t have to
worry about storing the extra kerosene
or the extra oil for these. You can just
simply set them outside in the sun and
then they recharge for you. I mean, for me:
if you have to have oil or fuel for a
piece of gear to work, eventually you’re
going to run out of that oil
or that fuel. But with something like
this where you have the free
energy from the Sun that keeps
it going.
So now what I do is:
once in a while, instead of me purchasing one of those hurricane lamps or one of those
oil lamps, now every once in a while I
will purchase one of these solar lamps. And what I
want is: I want to end up with one of these for every member of my family in case
somebody needs to leave to go use the
restroom or something like that when
it’s after dark. Then I also
still want a couple more just for backup.
Because like anything electronic:
eventually these will break down.
So having a couple more as back-ups will
help to extend the light that will have
after shtf even further. Now I’m not
going to completely do away with my oil
lamps. in fact if I come across a good
deal on some of the kerosene or the oil
I will go ahead and buy that because
those will end up being the backup to the solar lamps.
Now I don’t know about where you
live at, but in my area during the
wintertime, during a couple months during
the wintertime, it can get gray and just
gloomy over the area for days or a
couple weeks at a time where we have
hardly any sunlight. So that would be a
time period that these solar lamps
probably wouldn’t work as good as a hurricane lamp (with the lack of sunlight to recharge it)
So I’m definitely keeping those those kerosene lamps or the
oil lamps as backup. I’ll mainly use the solar lamps; but the oil lamps
will be the backups. Now I think most of
these will stay lit if you don’t have them
turned up on full brightness; I think most of them will stay lit for about four to
five hours (on a test mine stayed lit for a full 8 hours)
which I think well probably (for most
situations) will be longer than what you’ll need.
Now what I personally do is: I
just keep these next to a sunny window
that way they’re always getting fed
sunlight, they’re always being kept
topped off. And then if I need it I can
just grab it turn it on and use it for a
couple minutes. And another thing that’s
kind of cool about a lot of these that’s
on the market: is they will have a USB
port on them so if you have this thing
fully charged you can actually hook your
cellphone up on it and recharge your
cell phone (if need be).
Now after shtf there’s probably going to
be a high likelihood we won’t have cell
coverage (we won’t be able to make phone
calls with our with our cell phones) but
a lot of people have simple games on
their phones that could be a morale booster after shtf.
So I’ll be putting a link to some of the solar lanterns down in the description box below.
But let’s hear from
the rest of the the prepping community:
What are you doing for lights
after shtf? And what are your thoughts on
the solar lanterns? And do you have solar
lanterns yourself? Or do you only have
the old-fashioned oil lamps? Or do you
have other ways that you plan on doing
lighting after shtf? And if you would
like to see a cheap little twenty dollar
stove that would be perfect for Preppers;
something that would be perfect to throw
in a bug-out bag, something that allows
you to burn twigs and leaves to cook with:
Then click on the video that should
be appearing at the top of the screen
just about now to learn more about that.
and to see how you can protect your
bug-out location and also yourself from
Marauders after shtf,
then click on the video that should be
appearing on the right side of the
screen just about now to learn more
about that. Anyways folks, if you made it
this far: hey thank you very much for
watching and I pray that you have a good night.

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  1. These pro-2nd Amendment shirts make a great gift (either to you or somebody else):
    Here are some solar lamps that have really high ratings on Amazon:

  2. I bought 2 of those LED lamps 6 years ago. Both have broken off the hand cranks, but they can still be charged through the solar panels. There's newer types out there now, much brighter and usb chargeable and more rugged.

  3. Edited to add.
    Apparently you can make replacement wicks for an oil lamp.
    One tightly woven cotton tea towel can be cut up,layered and sewn together (cotton thread).
    You just measure the original wick and cut the towel to size.
    Apparently it is necessary to soak the replacement wick in salt water and let it dry.
    If anyone is interested let me know and I will actually make one to prove it works.
    A two dollar cotton tea towel could make us enough wicks to more or less last forever.