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bug out bag mistakes biggest prepping mistakes where are your emergency supplies where to stockpile food storage and bug out supplies
hi it’s Alaska Granny have you thought
about what you would do in an emergency situation if you were not
where your supplies were in an emergency
situation what if you were not at home
and you could not get to your home what
if your home was damaged by a flood an
earthquake or a tornado you couldn’t get
to your home or access any of your emergency stockpile
supplies what could you do to make sure
that you would still be okay
in an emergency survival situation you
need to diversify where you store your
emergency gear and equipment can you
keep some of your survival gear supplies at the home
of a trusted family member or a trusted
friend could you rent a storage unit and
keep them there
do you have a bug-out location what if
the day came when you could not access
your home and you could not access any
of your supplies that’s a possibility
that you want to be thinking about and
preparing for don’t be caught unprepared
and unaware plan for the things that you
think are possible that could happen to
you the things that are risks to where
you live
make sure you’re stockpiling food water
first aid sanitation supplies and the
things that you would need to keep you
going no matter what comes your way
places to store emergency supplies where to keep your prepper stockpile
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Tactical Flashlight On Ebay Buy Online

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  1. You are make some very good points here. It's one thing to have your survival supplies at home, but I find that few bother to keep supplies in their vehicle, or at least a small kit for when they go on hikes. Great common sense and right to the point video.

  2. Only thing u should prep for is natural disaster and possible robbery. If u plan for civil war or nuclear apocalypse or zombie outbreak In US and other military advanced countries your an idiot. If a deadly virus is to arise across the world trust me they would let it spread and kill as many possible. Its not like they arent doing it on daily basis with gm foods and legal medication. If one nuke was to be dropped on one wrong side of world couple couple dozen thousand are to follow. And sure as shit u and i or anyone who cant stay in air and refuel for weeks without landing wont survive it. But even then what goes up must come down eventually. Contamination will kill them too.