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Hey guys, it’s me Laura lotus, and I am in my bug-out location
so it’s undisclosed location, but here I am and I’m just checking my supplies and
Going through and getting out supplies that
Are going to expire so we can bring them back to the house and and eat them?
So yeah here I am
What I have in my let me show you my bug-out location is a very small little cabin. I think it’s maybe 10 by 10
It is insulated
And it does have electricity so I’m doing a little bug out simulation to see what kinds of things I would need or a missing
So here’s the door, so if I came come in the door
Here I am I don’t know how to show that I can you can show you so there’s two windows
That wall has a window
that wall has just a window that wall has a shelf with my food and
that my husband’s
dad made and
Then this wall has a mirror
And so what I have here
I’ll just tell you because I can’t figure out how to film it with my pad Ah

It’s a bug-out situation! so anyway, I need to take my supplements, so I’m going to take my supplements while I talk to you
so I have
2 3 gallon
jugs of water and then 4 one gallon jugs of water
Two or one
jug of water that could be used for collection or hygeine or dispensing
a small container of water
I’ve got a small amount of food except some pharmacy-type supplies. Just some [anti] [diarrheal]
What else? antidiarrheal?
One dose of pain medicine, what’s that going to do um?

Superglue, some Hygiene stuff, soap
toothbrush, masks, gloves, paper supplies, cleaning supplies paper towels all that good stuff
So the idea for my bug-out location is that?
this is where I would come if
our house was unsafe for whatever reason
Or I just need to get away? How long would I survive? I don’t know
probably not long um
food-wise I’ve got like a
29 ounce can of pears, a jar pickles
How many cans of beans?
Three cans with different types of beans. A can of stewed tomatoes, a can of whole chestnuts in water, a
small little…This is so adorable. So you could use this for water
Toting like if you went on a little day trip you could use reuse this
Apple juice that Martalinie’s. I just love the little jars. Best Buy February 2017
So I’m going to need to take this into the house, so it could be used and I’ll need to replace [it]. I’ve got like
roasted garlic of
soup in a box, so a can of mushrooms a
Regular sized can of pears, two cans of pineapple, a can of corn some hot tea that is
Caffeinated like Earl grey plus it has saffron, which is antidepressant. I’ve got um
some meat, so
These two plus another flat pouch of Tuna
I’ve got
peanut, little one serving size of peanut butter which would be good if I need to give chip some Benadryl because he had allergies and
Anxiety so that really helps him
Need to bring dog food back here. So that’s a thing.
I’ve got a shopping bag. I’ve got a tent blankets Flannel Sheets pillows cushions meditation pillows
Extra clothes a couple of extra jackets a little extra pair of like slipper sneakers for me
extra Pajama Pants Bras underwear
Jeans that fit both me and my husband work pants that kind of thing some shirt, oh
Yeah, so this [is] my bug-out location. What is this what am I seeing? Oh, it’s my soup
a magazine, journals, pens, oh a
plunger a toilet plunger a couple of bins which I have my possessions in a
Couple of like plastic bins that I got it the dollar store
Like here’s one. I could use it we could use it [to] um
like for trash can or to collect water in
So one thing I’m missing which should be in my bug-out bag in the house, which in a theory, I bring
oh I also have flashlights and Matches
And like a little can like Sterno. I don’t know to heat up some beans, maybe
It only lasts a couple hours or maybe two heat heat us. I use a little space heater. I do have electricity out here
I have electricity and Wi-Fi
But there’s not heat there is a bathroom outside. Oh another thing. I keep in here is pads and tampons
Timmy! Don’t do it! I have to go outside to go to the bathroom, and maybe someday. I’ll show you but anyway. Thank you

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  1. You don't seem to be clueless to me…good start! We are preppers in Alaska, and have been prepping for many years. You are ahead of the game with a bug out location…we subscribed to your channel. Hey, one quick question, hope it's not too personal, are you one of the new "liberal" preppers we have been hearing about?