6 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight On Off Button Repair How Can One Purchase At 5:46

  1. You sold me when you compared them to the Wolverines. They have always been my favorites!

    How high does the waterproofing go? I know you said you were in 9" of snow… but not sure if they are actually waterproof that high…

  2. Man I have had wolverines, cabellas,5-11, issued duty boots, bike riding boots, vortex thinsulate……I would to buy just 1 good pair of multi-purpose boots!

  3. Just received my Altai boots today after seeing your videos. My feet are very hard to find footwear for. I am slue-footed, have flat feet & one of my ankles has a plate with six screws. As you can imagine, normal boots were very uncomfortable for me. These boots seem to mold to my feet after a few hours of wearing them. I don't know how they did it, but these boots support my entire foot without being too constrictive. Most boots feel like a vise and eventually the seams will fail due to the pressure. With these Altai boots, I have thick socks on with the laces pulled tight and I'm doing fine! The newfound comfort is alone worth the price. Add waterproofing, durability, low maintance, breathability, stealth (no loud clunking when walking!) and I feel like I made out like a bandit with this deal. Thanks for the no BS review and letting us all know that there are companies that still believe in producing great gear.