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Altoids emergency survival kit update must have emergency prepping gear EDC everyday carry
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper it may be a while
since you thought about making an
Altoids emergency survival kit so I thought it
was a good day to revisit the simple EDC
qualities of an Altoids emergency survival kit DIY the first piece of gear must have
thing you want to do is place a piece of
duct tape along on the inside lid you
can use as little or as much as you need
in an emergency a piece of aluminum foil
is vital lay it on the ground under a
firestarter use it to wrap up food in
the campfire there are all kinds of ways
to use a piece of aluminum foil in an emergency survival situation add some
strike-anywhere matches
and add a lighter a good tip is to wrap
a piece of tape around the tip of the lighter so that
the fluid doesn’t leak
choose braided cotton balls for your
emergency kit you can fluff them up for first aid or fire starters braided cotton balls
they’re compact but they’re easy to
fluff up if you need them for fire
and a pocketknife look for a small one Victorinox swiss classic pocket knife
including features like toothpicks
scissors screwdrivers and a p38 can
opener an alcohol swab is great for
fire-starting or first aid add a gallon
ziplock bag would be great for gathering
water a long strand of dental floss is
good cordage and look at this little
flashlight I got at the Dollar Tree it’s
designed to go around a key but it works
great as a compact emergency flashlight
push the button hold it and the flashlight it goes on
it nestles right into your Altoids emergency survival kit
tuck in a few zip ties and instead of a
rubber band get the sturdy hair bands
they’re way stronger more long-lasting
than a rubberband there’s still lots of
room now you can start to personalize your altoids emergency survival kit for urban or other uses
put in a list of your emergency contacts have them
written down add a band-aid maybe a
pain relief pill a tiny chapstick some
cash and a key to your house a wise
friend once told me the best emergency
cash is a $50 bill you can get a taxi
home from just about anywhere if you
have 50 dollars what would you put in
your Altoids emergency survival kit leave a
comment and let us know so we can all be
better prepared for every day and
whatever comes our way
learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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Tactical Flashlight On Off Button Where Can We Purchase

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  1. Take a fine marker and write important numbers on the inside of your tin because you could loose your phone or it my get wet .

  2. That is a nice idea and I have an EDC bag nearly packed, and have my backpack half full of the items I need. I like to have something larger than an Altoid type kit and why I prepare by having larger kits. Inside both kits I have is the basics, and the backpack have everything I should need.

  3. I notice you included a water bag in your kit, but no purification tablets. You may also wish to keep your matches together in a small plastic bag or twist of cling wrap. I used to carry a similar kit, but have since decided to rely on my EDC items instead; my pocket knife and torch (flashlight) are more readily to hand should they be needed, and I'm unlikely to be called on to start a fire in the British suburbia where I live. Among other things my 'daily bag' backpack includes a small first aid pouch, a foil blanket in case I'm stranded by our woeful public transport system, an emergency poncho as well as a microfleece top should the weather turn nasty, along with a pair of one size fits all stretch gloves and multifunction snood. I also carry a water bottle and some granola bars.

  4. Just loved it!!! Thank you so much for your amazing tips on preparedness and survival

  5. I like that lil trick with the lighters. Another good one is using the lil zip ties underneath the button. Nicely doneπŸ‘

  6. wow…what a great idea. I save this little tin boxs and now I have a great use for them…..prepper gmom here will give as a stocking stuffer!

  7. I love holding onto Altoids tins to make little kits, while not as good as a pack of gear, sometimes a little kit can help if needed but I would never think one as my life saving wilderness survival kit

  8. Got a small first aid kit in a small tin (smaller than an Altoids), band aids, alcohol swab, rolled gauze and a non adhesive gauze pad.

  9. Very nice kit. I will excavate my altoids tin and add in some new things thanks to you