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okay today we’ll take a look at what i
think is one of the best products
Gerber makes the zombie apocalypse kit
and I’ve been wanting one of these since I saw it on The Walking Dead
and its heavy its big
so it’s not something you can just throw in your
backpack but you can put it behind the seat of your
truck put it in the trunk of your car, take it
would be awesome for camping trips we’re going to open it up and
see what’s inside and see what you get
its got a really nice Nylon case
it snaps Twice
so you have a couple machetes an axe
a Parang
the LMF infantry knife
which I already have one of these they’re
then you have a folding knife then a straight blade
which they call the epic
so the size of this thing unrolled
is like 32 1/2″
by 27″
and its just got some Awesome tools
in this thing especially for the Zombie Apocalypse if that were to happen you would be covered if you had this thing
this is the machete
the blade on that is 17 inches long
about 25 1/2″ overall
its got good weight to it a rough cut saw
its good and solid it comes in its own sheath
next we have
The Gerber camp axe2
first thing when I took this out
was this green handle
I thought was
really slick
so I went ahead and laced some Paracord around it
and put a little loop on it
its got good weight but I just felt like that was to slick to hold on to especially
if your hands the least bit wet but it’s a lot
better now with that grip on it
next in the case
is the Pro Machete
this thing is just
evil looking
you could cut good sized trees with that or crack a head
you know a Zombie Head hahaha
it comes with a little sharpening stone
this is the Bear Grylls Parang
and that’s another Awesome Blade
they’re sharp they’re solid they have good weight to them
the grip on this one is awesome
its textured a little bit feels like rubber
I like that all these have there own case
this is the LMF 2 Infantry Knife
like I said I already have one of these but i’ll take a second one
thats just a sturdy good knife the military uses this
I think thiers has a Infrared coating
where it can’t be detected on Infrared thier model
this still basically the
same knife
that they issue to the military
inside its got its, you can open it up and it has a sharpening stone
where you can just run the knife through
and sharpen it
so that’s pretty cool
now on mine, but I haven’t done it to this one yet
but I also wrapped the handle in Paracord
because one of the things they say this
is used for
is you can attach it to a stick and make a spear
so I just attached some Paracord to the my
so then i have something to bind it to a stick if I need to
or if you need to start a fire
you’ve got some cord
next there is a folding knife
and this is another really good feeling knife its got good weight
its got a nice grip good locking blade
then finally
you have the straight edge, I mean the straight knife
the epic which is a nice little boot knife
its gotta opening on the end of it
but its lite it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a little cord on that
but it feels good
so there you have it the Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Kit
I think we got this one off of Amazon right now
I think they have it for
319 its normally like 350 so
thats a pretty good deal you know considering all the things you get if you bought all these things individually
it would probably be well over that
Thanks for watching
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  1. What up I got my jam pack Swiss back pack with food like protean packs water and clothing rope binoculars shades and a full size Rambo 3 Bowie 18 inches overall razor sharp flares few bics for starting a fire and solid nunchucku that I have mastered and axe that's all I need brother and it's on

  2. kinda off topic …could anyone tell me if the Gerber torch 2 is a good quality knife

  3. It's all garbage even the infantry knife I had one blade went wobbly after one log chop and hitting the back of the blade with another log which it's said to be able todo in the manual what a bunch of garbage