12 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight On Tv Where Can We Purchase At 4:40

  1. edc imo should always feature some sort of firearm something small and easy to carry, just something to think about

  2. @TheSmackfan101
    Ok but still whatever kind of handguns are legal in Canada people should try to make them a part of their edc.

  3. i have that exactly same gerber folder
    its awesome
    and really inexpensive, you should do a review on it, so people will get to know it better, its a great piece of gear

  4. You could carry a multitool. i never leave home without my leatherman, its a knife, saw, file, driver, ruler, etc, etc….many tools – one item…think about it.

  5. Nice. Simple and easy to carry. I'm putting my own EDC together and I love to see how many people keep it to the bare minimum like this. Well done.

  6. Add sugar and a bit of TP. If you have a vacume sealer, seal your salt, sugar, to up. (Salt+sugar+water=good emergency rehydration. We use it in wildlife/bird/animal rescue) If you have one of those emergency blankets, add that as they fold up to absolutely nothing and weigh just as much. Personally I also like to carry a Flint striker/lighter.

  7. This appears to be more of a police evidence video (guy backed against a wall emptying his pockets), lol.