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  1. Hey man I broke my torsion bar twice (the spring your refering to) in my Kershaw Boa. Call kershaw up they will send you another one and they might even send you a tool to fix it as well that fits on your keychain. They have great customer service.

  2. @USNERDOC , thanks Doc, an Ace should be part of everyones EDC!
    – Adam

  3. @pelahale Ich kann nicht wirklich Deutsch sprechen. Aber es ist der einzige Weg, Ihren Hund auszubilden. I know I mixed some words up there! Lol.

  4. @zujostix , yeah all of his commands are in German, sometimes I forget people are not use to that, lol.
    – Adam

  5. @Equip2Endure nah just surprises me a bit that someone is thinking that another language might have a lot of advantages. Personally I'm gonna use Croatian, for 2 reasons – I'm Croatian so it's automatic and no matter the situation it's always gonna be on the tip of my tongue, and second reason is the fear factor because no one knows what you told your dog to do.
    So smart move from you with training Ace like that

  6. I have been looking for an EDC leash for my dog ever since I saw yours a bunch of videos ago. Where did you get yours?

  7. Awe I remember when I was a little boy scout and started playing with knives and I would get some nasty blisters too.