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Hello guys this is Sniper1102 and today I bring you a new video
about my GOE 2018 reenactment kit, I hope you all like it!!!
well first of all I apologise for not uploading anything in the las months
the last one was in september of 2019
and now we are in july 2020 and it has been 10 months so…
but with this corona thing and the months prior to it having some difficulties with getting gear and such
and haven´t been able to get as much new gear as I wanted
and thought that by april of this year I would have the kit completed but that wasn´t the case
so I thought to myself why not make a video since the last one was so much time ago
don´t get me wrong there has been significant updates but wanted to make a video with the kit done
but not knowing when that will be, better make a video now to show the progress
and the next video will be for sure the kit completed, so lets get started
lets begin with the G36, it has been some updates since the last video
starting from the rear we have an HK collapsible and retractable stock (replica)
on top we have an UTG rail, one of the three they have issued
elcan specter DR 1X-4X gen 3, finally the correct one!!!
but the color is dark earth as oppose to the black color that is issued, but nothing that a bit of paint can´t solve
because there is only one replica of the black model, made by loken.replicas but was too expensive for me
so went with this one that is cheaper and with paint on it is unnoticeable
Brugger and Thomet quad rail (replica) with an AFG2 grip (replica)
an-peq15 in black with the correct sticker
surefire m620v (replica) forgot which manufacturer with remote switch on the other side
this flashlight will be replaced by a replica of the WML gen2 light
it is still a personal purchase light but with a ton of reference more as oppose to only one as I have with
the m620v, so for reference, for ergonomy and for design, I have like 10+ pics of this light in use so…
FAB defense sling mount (replica)
it is not issued but I have 2 refpics of it in use
the issued one, which is from brugger and thomet is only for a HK hook to clip on
and metal with metal makes too much noise and I rather have a fixed sling mount as appose to an HK hook
well and the painting on the rifle which wasn´t too sure if I showed earlier or not
and last but not least… VTAC MK2 sling in multicam
this one of the issued slings in MOE
and I have to say that I like it a lot, don´t regret selling the BOU tactical one
since that sling was personal purchase with only 2 references, and if you get issued a VTAC
there is no reason to purchase a BOU tactical gear sling, VTAC is a great company with some great products
the padding is superb and the adjustment is fenomenal, so happy with the sling
the helmet is an ACH from MSA
with a multicam helmet cover from Francisco Orero (the issued cover) a norotos NVG mount
finally got rid of the chinese one and a norotos rhino NVG arm
wait a second
2 IR patches on both sides
at the back a dummy ms2000 with velcro
OPS CORE h-nape in urban tan
TCA comtac III headset with peltor boom mic
so I can replicate the comtac XP one of the 2 models in use on MOE along with the XS model
XS model being the civvie model of comtac II and XP being the civvie of the comtac III
but I don´t have 400+ euros for some comtac XP and XS are rare as hell so this was the best option for me
the big difference is the boom mic and the peltor markings but since I have a low cut helmet like the ACH
and have the civilian boom mic the differeces are almost unnoticeable
ESS crossbow glasses and a black balaclava as always
down we have a DCS plate carrier from WAS
with a spain IR flag in green, condor bloodtype patch, ITW grimlock and TCA peltor PTT
3 HSGI taco mag pouches
tasmanian tiger TQ pouch, an original TQ from CAT (it came with the US ifak) and medical shears
in this cummerbund I only carry ASP trifolds as it is the lightweight configuration
as there are more than one configuration and you can see them all rather than the same across all the videos
I carry nothing on the back, just a flyye eagle radio pouch V1 in multicam, with the fastex changed
that way it is 100% accurate and the radio is a PRR, they use an unobtainable harris radio
also for some trainings they use baofengs but only for training
might get one don´t know
1st gen arido pixelado combat shirt, probably a massiff rip-off since it has a lot of its features
velcros for the ISAF mission patches
an IR spanish flag in green
it has almost no neck collar
massiff features like elbow pads and cuff adjustments
YKK zipper too unlike the newer shirts which really shows the craftmanship of them
mechanix orginal gloves in black and a copy of the casio G-shock watch
down the first line we have a 5.11 brokos vtac belt in sand
with a cobra buckle belt from helikontex, this is not the issued one, the issued one is the 5.11 model
maverick belt, with a strange cobra buckle, wanna get that one in the future but don´t want to pay 100€
have only one reference of this belt
I mean is 5.11 so 100 bucks is too much, so I will wait for an used one (60€ or less) and then I´ll buy one
so I don´t know when I´ll get one
HSGI pistol taco with a multitool
2 eagle FB mag pouches in multicam, the issued one is a double mag
but one next to each other it is almost unnoticeable and I got them fro dirt cheap (30€ both)
but if I see a double for a reasonable price I´ll get it but for now this does the trick
on the back I have a WAS rip-off IFAK horizontally
I have some medical stuff in it
I have that way beacuse of the light configuration and because it is more comfotable that way
also have some refpics of this being done so…
and lastly chinese safarliand 6280 holster with a KJW glock 19
I have explained the glock thing but I´ll do it again
this would be a personal purchase firearm, not super common, but seen a few times among spain SOF
but it will get replaced by the issued USP and a safariland ALS holster
that ALS holster from safariland seems super popular among MOE and it is cheap so it is a good purchase
also I´m planning to mod the belt to work as a shooter belt, with a velcro linning that way it doesn´t move
down we have regular arido pixelado pants and salomon x ultra mid 3 gtx boots
and that it is
the things left to do are: the wml light, usp, usp safariland holster, the velcro belt and velcro
and the 5.11 maverick belt and with that the kit will be over
talking about various things about the kit and other things too lazy to translate, it has been 1 and a half hour
will translate later don´t worry hahaha

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  1. Esta bastante chulo! Yo tengo uno muy parecido pero un poco a mi estilo!😁 si quieres puedo mandarte fotos😉

  2. Oye, está guapísimo el setup! Me gustaría iniciarme en el airsoft y tal, así que sepas que cuando me vaya a comprar el uniforme te lo voy a copiar jajajaja.

    Por cierto, sé que es un coñazo pero agradecería que escribieses en la descripción del vídeo los nombres de las cosas. Gracias.