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  1. I like the tool, but not the sheath, all black would be better. I have a Schrade/Vice grip tool made in the USA, mid 1990's. it has the same locking system in the handle for 5 tools, blade, saw, flat head w/ wire stripper, Phillips and can/bottle opener. the sheath is hard plastic that you just drop the tool into. the vice grips are needle nose & and are great, adjustable. I've checked out this Toughtool & would consider buying & carrying it. Very good.

  2. The tools on this look rounded and blunt. I suggest you find an older USA made Schrade Tough Tool before the company name was sold to Taylor Brands. You can find the USA made ones on ebay and they are built much better.

  3. looks like finger nail cleaner, look at a pair of finger nail cleaner on a finger nail clipper

  4. I found one of these in an abandoned psychiatric hospital and it quickly became my favorite.