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Carabiner 5 in 1 Multi Tool carabiner knife Multifunctional Camping Knife Hanging Buckle 5 In 1 Tool Quick Release Hiking Folding Aluminum Climbing Carabiner Hook Gear Multi Rock Lock Opener
hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you looking for
a multi tool that comes conveniently
with a carabiner if you look at the
knife blade it folds out
the blade is three and a quarter inches long it has a straight
edge and a serrated saw type edge on
it with a sturdy handle to hold it when
you’re ready to fold the knife there’s a
little nub at the bottom left side of
the knife press to the side and your
knife will slide back into place close securely
turn the carabiner 5 in 1 multi tool over you can see there are two
little screwdrivers there’s a flat blade
screwdriver and a Phillips head
they’re both dirty even though small
and fold right back into position on the carabiner knife multi tool
you can see that the handle is very
sturdy and there’s a rolling lock
mechanism on the carabiner it folds back
easily holds lots of things and the twist
barrel holds the carabiner knife securely in place you can
see that it’s well-made and sturdy the
blade opens and closes easily yet stays
secure folds up nice and convenient way
to just a few inches
there’s a bottle opener on the end but I
found that I was not able to open a
bottle with the bottle opener so I
called in people who are more experienced
with opening beer bottles to discover
they could not open a beer bottle with
this either
so while it’s a great carabiner 5 in 1 multi tool don’t rely on
this bottle opener to open any bottles
on your outings if you’re looking for a
nice sturdy multi-tool convenient with a
carabiner that can clip right onto your
belt or your backpack
the carabiner knife 5 in 1 multi tool makes a great backup survival or
emergency tool to have on hand
it’s nice to have a sharp blade with a
saw feature 2 little screwdrivers and
a sturdy carabiner for holding things
learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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Tactical Flashlight Ontario Purchase Online

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  1. I bought one about 10 years ago for 2 bucks at a Grocery Outlet. I don't carry it much. When I do, I haven't used it. While it's a cool looking tool I really haven't found any uses for it. Do you have any suggestions as what this could be used for besides having it hang around. IDK I hate buying something and not getting much use out of it. Thanks