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welcome to TTI obviously you know this
guy he’s Bear Grylls from a popular TV
show man vs. wild he’s famous for his
weirdest and unacceptable techniques for
survival and some of the harshest
environments but today we’re going to
explore top 10 best gadgets that will
help you survive so be ready for some
real-life adventures let’s begin number
one sky saver maybe you have seen
burning skyscrapers in the movies people
are trapped in those burning buildings
and they wait for Heroes to rescue
themselves fortunately those scenes
became days of the past and now we have
sky saver a revolutionary invention that
helps you safely and quickly evacuate
from a high-rise building in case of
unfortunate events sky saver is an
excellent product that passed all
rigorous safety standards sky saver is
primarily developed for high-risk
buildings where no other means of exit
are available this invention is a strong
fire resistant cable that can handle
weight up to 120 kilograms with
controlled descent mechanism the sky
savers automatic mechanical braking
system will help you survive going down
process is a lot smoother and safer for
everyone thanks to the sky saver now it
is possible to save so many human lives
from high-rise building fires number two
you tap backpack
everyone loves enjoying mother nature
and hiking through the wilderness but in
some cases the situation may change into
a life-threatening event where you might
be encountered by a wild bear attack or
other animals to survive in those
difficult conditions you need UDOT
backpack introduced by a company you DAP
industries if the bear wants to attack
you from behind then don’t worry quickly
lay down yourself on the ground then
pull down the safety strap cover to
expose the spray release ball once you
are confident to that bear is in the
range of self-defense then quickly pull
the spray release ball to release the
spray it’s evident that strong pepper
spray is very irritating to the eyes
which makes the bear blind for a few
hours and if you are lucky enough then
this spray backpack will provide you a
golden opportunity to escape from some
of the most horrible attacks safely
number three
recon watch
probably you know the Apple watch which
has some great life-saving features but
I bet you don’t know this recon watch
this wristwatch was created by a full
team of professionals led by a renowned
survival specialist and despite the fact
that only technological device available
is a flashlight but this small gadget
includes more than 10 different tools
vital for a complete and safe life in
the wild
under the dial there are two small
compartments one placed on top of the
other holding inside a set of
indispensable objects in the upper
compartment there’s a small liquid
compass a unique rod to make fire using
a knife a small whistle and a small
magnifying glass which can also be used
to make a fire in the lower compartment
there is a signal mirror a 24 foot long
fishing line and small hooks for fishing
in addition there’s a small LED light in
the watch which the strap of the clock
can be used as a multi-tool working as a
cutting edge of a blade a bottle opener
and a can opener you can purchase the
survival watch for 375 dollars number
it is compatible with Apple devices as
well as Android devices the generator
resembles a thermos and weighs just half
a kilogram and it’s not too small
having a dimension such as a 9.5 inches
long and 2.5 inches wide the device
consists of a generator itself with a
turbine screw a convenient camping lamp
and a 6400 milliamp battery on rotation
under the running water it produces 2.5
to 7 watts of energy and this device
takes 4.5 hours to get fully charged
this device simultaneously can charge
multiple devices and it is capable of
charging one laptop at a time unlike
conventional generator like a solar
panel this generator is independent of
weather change or climate change it can
be left in the stream during the night
and by the morning the battery will be
fully charged and it costs just $180
number five cat hook this is an
elegantly designed compact titanium cap
took in the shape of a waterproof
capsule with three titanium arms inside
which can be twisted in the capsule as a
result you have a solid titanium hook
with three arms it weighs only 45 grams
and 2.5 inches long when stored it’s
basically a light and compact metal
capsule and easy to carry despite its
small size this hook can support a
weight of 350 kilograms if used with a
paracord rope you have an easy to carry
tackle useful in all kinds of situations
you can purchase this device for a price
of $60 number six
auto xscape this multifunctional
instrument is an essential tool for
people who drive four-wheelers as it can
save your life in an emergency situation
first of all xscape has a safety knife
cable of cutting the seatbelts as well
as all kinds of straps and cable the
second feature of this device is a
hammer with a tungsten tip to break the
glass of your vehicle in case of an
accident in addition the instrument has
a built in lamp with three different
modes and an intermittent SOS emergency
signal and two stable modes with a
brightness of 135 and 50 lumens the
price of this device is $60 number-7 ms
five EDC no matter where you go this
small set of instruments is ideal to
take anywhere the kit has a lot of
indispensable tools such as the USB
charging device a GPS tracker a water
filter a knife a gas burner a fishing
tackle and many others thanks for these
valuable instruments you can survive
even the most extreme conditions the
price of this compact multi-tool is $45
number 8 leather Minh Raptor
this excellent survival tool has been
praised by military doctors rescue
workers and firefighters these
multifunctional medical scissors are
made of stainless steel and are equipped
with a small ruler a special device to
cut rings and a special hook to cut
safety belts and cables the handle of
the knife has a carbide tip that allows
breaking the glasses of any automobile
when closed the length of the device is
5 inches
it weighs 5.8 pounds as well as the
price of these scissors is $70 number 9
ready bags 72 emergency kit this
backpack has all the necessary things to
survive for 72 hours in case of a
natural disaster or any other kind of
extreme or apocalyptic situation the
content was developed taking into
account the recommendations of doctors
and members of the special services
making it the ideal gadget to survive
inside the backpack there is a razor a
special tent a blanket suit a fire
starter a water filter a lamp a solar
battery a rope and many other things the
Creator recommended keeping such a
backpack not only at home but also at
work and in the car the price of this
backpack is $200 number 10
a tech city like all portable water
filters etekcity filters 99.99 percent
of the pathogenic microorganisms mold
and bacteria in the water thanks to a
smart filter the device is very simple
to use you can drink directly from a
bottle as the water passes through the
device it’s filtered immediately the
case that comes with the filter serves
to carry water everywhere to clean the
filter you just have to wash it with
clean water using the syringe included
with the filter the price of this gadget
is the 19 dollars thanks for watching
which one do you find the most useful
gadget for survival think carefully and
let me know in the comments if you’re
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guys in my next episode peace

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