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  1. Have you ever though about Appz for the phone? I have a scanner radio app to listen to any major activity in my area, heck you can listen to activity across the USA. I also have a program called "GPS essentials" that can be used for all kinds of things, I also have "Tune In Radio" which gives you all kinds of radio stations online including all major news outlets. & as a bonus using a blue tooth activated head set allows you to just hold the call button and voice call 911.

  2. If I could, I would wear a flack with ballistic plates just like we were back in-country. This is an outstanding alternative.

    Great stuff.

  3. I bought a specialty backpack with a level 3 plate made inside for my kid. The weight isn't noticeable and the backpack looks completely normal. I think it's a great idea personally. I wish this wasn't a concern but this is our world now it seems.

  4. on all of these videos. you have no data on name and where to get. go videos by where to buy !!!!!

  5. Good vid. Will look into these.
    See lots of talk about "what I would do…" with an active shooter.
    But have you planned it out. Im here on campus, I'm in the conference room, etc and i hear shots…do it now. Are you on offence or defence? Hunt/kill or secure/hold? Do you seek out other survivors and get them to safety?
    Plan now at groundspeed zero. Adapt on the fly, but plan now. Do it in bits. One room @ school or work each school/work day. 2 scenarios at home each weekend. 5 min a day. Don't be paranoid, just be prepared.

  6. good point. i heard that "bulletproof" backpacks sales were skyrocketing after this last school shooting

  7. i keep a level 3 steel plate in my backpack that i take everywhere. Level 3a won't stop a 5.56 out of an AR, and there are level 3 and level 3+ that seem to be worth the extra weight especially the light poly ones. My backpack plate cost $80 and weighs 8lb. It's not that bad and I forget that i'm wearing it. I think of it as a nice little workout but it isn't really unless i'm running.

  8. This made me miss my father…he passed in 1997 so there wasn't things available or affordable before 97.
    Sadly the reason didn't really exist. like it does now.
    Your daughter is fortunate to have a father like yourself.
    Thank you for your time you put into your videos.