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  1. Russell, I am trying to email you back, but I can't figure out how to. I am trying to respond to the email you sent me, but it keeps coming back to me since it's an email via youtube. I am trying to give you my shipping info.

  2. It's amazing to me that EVEN THE COMPANY video fails to explain or demonstrate the driver tool set in the handle. I know why they probably put it in there, but as a potential customer, you'd think that they would clearly explain and demonstrate all features of this Chris Reeve based knife design. Sadly they make some nice knives, but they allow inadequate third party reviews. This is poor marketing and if you copy or borrow a design it still needs to be functional and make sense.

  3. why the fuck wouldnt they put a flint in the knife handle, what the fuck are you gunna use a screw driver for out surviving lmao

  4. How rust resistant is carbon steel compared to stainless steel? I've always thought that stainless steel was best, but I really like form and versatility of this blade. But it can't keep it's edge without rusting, I can't use it. If someone can answer my question that would be awesome.

  5. Wow, this is a mamaluka of a knife! Big, sharp, beautifully designed, perfect fit and finish, and milled out of a single block of 1070 high carbon steel so it is indestructible, I mean bombproof. This is a reproduction of the old Chris Reeve knife called Project 1, and to my eye every bit as beautifully built and finished. The only thing missing is the snooty attitude and about $325 on the price tag. This knife will last more than one lifetime. The only thing you need to do is take that bit set out of the handle (what's up with that?) and put in some paracord, matches, or whatever, oil it regularly, and you got yourself a survival knife forever. I put an oiled piece of cloth in the handle (using T-9 oil) so I have it handy anytime I use the knife. That 1070 is springy and tough, but it can rust. It sharpens to a shaving edge. Great knife I will always own.

  6. Well it's 2020, 6 years later and lm just hearing about it. bought mine 4 months ago LOVE IT!!! heard it was discontinued? Idk why it's my favorite knife.

  7. hey schrade, where's the survival kit you guys briefly made for these knives? I'd love to get one