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  1. To the first guy, the Sawyer mini only screws on to the larger bottled water containers, the small one you're displaying will not screw on securely, familiarize yourself on which ones fit. And you need a am/fm radio for keeping aware of what is happening around you. A change of clothes, socks underwear

  2. when that stuff u been lookin at on ebay or amazon show's up on ur facebook it's algarythem's that make it do that algarythem's catch any onfo and gather's it together like a human would not sure how it work's guessin but algarythem's collect certin data~

  3. Hate to tell you but at 150-180 miles from home your looking at 8-10 days to get back in a SHTF situation.
    The average person can cover about 30 miles per day max under ideal conditions and anyone not in "special forces" condition will not be able to do it for multiple days. In a multi day excursion the average person would maybe be able to cover 15 – 20 miles if they are in good physical condition.

  4. 150 miles on foot in three days. Yea sure. That is traveling 50 miles a day. Even the best conditioned athlete can not do that.

  5. I can be working up to 60 miles from home and I'm guessing at 3 days. And if the nasty happens at 4:00 in the afternoon, you're not doing 15 or 20 miles your first day. Also, those little foild blankets aren't going to work well as shelter or as a blanket.