Tactical Flashlight Philippines How Can One Buy

Hey, this is Tyler with ready man a while ago you all requested me to do an EDC carry video
If any of you have watched any of my videos, you know
I preach the same thing again and again when it comes to survival first ask yourself
What is gonna kill you then prepare against that thing?
The end. Okay. So once you understand the concept of
the rule of threes you can then assess what’s going to kill you the rule of threes works like this you
Can go three seconds without security. That’s about how long the average gunfight lasts three minutes without oxygen or air?
Three hours without shelter in most increment weather three days without water
Three whole weeks without food and three months without companionship, roughly
Well now once you understand that if you find yourself in I don’t know downtown Bagram
I’m sorry downtown Baghdad Bagram. Whatever you find yourself an award zone without a weapon you failed
Okay, you failed the first rule three seconds without security if you are scuba diving without air
Okay, you failed
If you are out in inclement weather without the right kind of clothing now
There’s my three hours you failed. If you go without water in three days you fail now you can go for three weeks
Why did I emphasize this because everyone gets hungry quick?
You’re gonna get cranky
But you’re not gonna die food is one of the last things you need to look for water all that other stuff
You take care of first, okay?
That doesn’t mean don’t look for water. What that means is handle all of these other issues first. I’m sorry
Don’t look for food handle all these other issues first, then you can start looking for a food
That also doesn’t mean don’t pack food because it’s nice to be able to think clearly and not be grumpy
Hands food lastly companionship. You’re not going to move out in the middle of nowhere and live by yourself unless you have a
Strange personality nothing wrong with people like this
They’re just not normal and a lot of people genuinely psychologically cannot handle being alone
a lot of my friends that were on the alone season one two, and now three
They all just said eventually they were done because they didn’t want to be alone anymore. Okay a
Lot of them could have handled and stayed out longer had their lives genuinely been on the line
But eventually they miss their companionship
Okay, having said all of this, what do I have on my EDC back?
Well first off it’s never always the same thing it changes
so the cool thing that you need to remember when it comes to an EDC bag is always have a little space in it you
Can add to it don’t be afraid to empty that sucker out?
Get rid of what you don’t need and repack it when you’ve got a different mission
okay, if I’m going to go do photography or go on a cruise ship or fly somewhere or
Go downtown all of these situations girls are getting me. All of these situations are going to change
What I’ve got in my bag
But I will always have fire water shelter food
Communications medical security. So having said that what have I got?
Well right here in this bag a little shoulder bag right up front
I got fire fire is probably the most important thing. You can carry for the majority of situations
Now fire, it’s not the most important thing for me when I was in Afghanistan
But I’m not in Afghanistan and probably right now neither are you so make sure you’ve got fire
I have redundancies first off. I’ve got a big lighter
stupid simple even a Boy Scout can use this
Okay, and they burn water I was a boy scout I can say this
I’ve got fire in the form of a Bic have two of these unlike this one make them clear
That way you can see how much fuel you’ve got left and you’ll know when you do that change out whether or not you need
to get rid of your BIC
Next have a second version of fire. I have chosen
flint and steel
Why well because I’m kind of good at it and I enjoy doing it something entertaining for me
There’s a piece of shirt some hardened high carbon steel and then underneath it
I have a tin can which is actually
Tabasco chocolate
Anyway, so I have that in order to make my char cloth. Well, how do we make char cloth?
simply put any plant-based material
Natural material because hair doesn’t work any any plant-based material. So cotton Punk would
Tinder fungus any of that will work, but you have to plant plan in advance
You can’t just drop a spark on something and expect it to start up unless you’re in the desert and it’s really really dry
so do understand that you need to have I don’t know an MRE bag full of toilet paper and matches or
some char cloth
Now once you get your fire, I don’t know how many people I see what I’m teaching them the fire started the fires out
Why they didn’t create the fire light correctly? They didn’t end it. Like I wasn’t tending this one and it just burned out or
They don’t have something like fat wood to hold the flame
While it catches the other stuff on fire, so make sure that you prepare your fire light first in a dry place
Where the fire can sustain before you even think about starting to starting the fire? So that covers fire?
Next I have probably the second maybe even the first most important thing
Power for my cell phone. Okay, I
Have a cell phone right here
And if I can get cell phone coverage, all of my emergency situation needs are gone
Okay, I’m solvent. But if I dip my battery’s dead, I’m screwed. The problem is people don’t constantly check their batteries
So I have an anchor battery. It is a tank. It’s something like and do not quote me
28,000 something milliamp hours. It’s about the same as a Sherpa 100. So it is a lot of juice
I can turn that little guy on right there and see that I’m a little low and about half a tank
which means I got half a week worth of cell phone usage just
So make sure you’ve got some sort of a battery backup because remember on our list is communication
Next because I’m a nerd and because I enjoy this stuff
I’ve got a ham radio
This is a great backup. See we’ve got people here. I
Can’t hit the cell tower from or the ham tower from here. I would have to go to the top of the hill
but if I didn’t have
Self-service. I know I can get this coverage with this guy in this area
Also, I have program emergency rescue fire operations. Even the BLM airplanes that drop
water on
On forest fires. I can talk to them with this
So this is an incredible backup redundancy and it’s 28 bucks on Amazon little baofeng UV 5r
I have some other videos that are going to cover in depth ham radio operations. So make sure you’re checking those out
Okay next
Flashlight and extra batteries. All right, not only will these batteries work for my flashlight
But they will also work for my GPS now around here
I don’t need a GPS, but when I go places, I’m not familiar
Especially if they are flat and full of trees you need a GPS does a GPS always work new?
That’s why we have backup skills, especially in places like the jungle where the canopy is
Too thick for the GPS signal to get through but I digress
The battery fits the flashlight the battery fits the GPS and it’s lithium so it will last for a very long time
Cordage one of the hardest things to replicate in a primitive living scenario is cordage because it takes so much time
so throw a bundle of this cheap 550 cord in your bag and you can make bow drills fix your shoes tie your
shelters together
Furs up when your skin and animals, it’s super useful
Don’t cut it unless you really need to okay, and don’t be afraid to pull the guts out of the 550 cord
You have a bunch of little cords and one sheeting that it’s still almost as strong
Chopsticks why because I actually use them chapstick. Let’s talk about chapstick. Yeah, it works on my lips
Something you don’t often think about is if I take a pile of this chapstick and put it on some sort of fibrous
Material like this tree bark behind me and put a match to it that things get a hold of flame for 5 to 10 minutes
That is important when it comes to drying out a fire
So bring chapstick or even a little jar of Carmex or Vaseline petroleum
Jelly, whatever because not only is it good for dealing with cracked lips and fingers and stuff, but it also will help you with fire
Sunflower seeds. Why?
Because they’ve got salt in them
one of the biggest issues when you start getting long-term is you don’t have enough salt if you are exercising and I trail run a
Lot carry the salt with you
You can just choose these sunflower seeds while you’re walking
Not only will it trick your brain into thinking that you’re not hungry
But it will give you salt you add the water in the form of the snow or whatever else you got around to this salt
and you can sustain for a very long amount of time a
Flashlight this flashlights specifically in here. I am thinking ahead
Will work with my incre battery what it does is if you want to screw the back of this
All right there that’s a little plugin okay that can be recharged by that big anchor battery
So if I make sure that anchor batteries charged my battery runs for a long time on my phone, and I’ve got a flashlight
That will help me to find my way out do things in the dark and whatever
lastly in the bottom of this
I’ve got a sharpening stone and a Leatherman tool a lot of times you’re
Stranded or you’re just dealing with something that needs to be fixed
One time I was driving in the mountains. I hit a big rock and it snapped the very tip of my
My gas filter off I was gonna be stranded
But fortunately I had a Leatherman tool that I was able to
Wiggle it back on there with and duct tape the crap out of it and get myself home
So sometimes just a Leatherman tool will be all that neat all that. You need to get yourself back
Now the sharpening stone why the sharpening stone and the knife? I don’t know if I mentioned that
this knife is
big enough that I can chop trees
I made all these little fires with it big enough that I can make a shelter with it light enough that I don’t care
it’s in my back and
Small enough that it will fit in a bag like this the other thing too. A lot of you have seen me wear my little
Versa cloth around my waist with my water bottle this just slide right inside of it and gives to move quickly through the backcountry
Without it annoying me and still giving me a very versatile tool that is lightweight heavy hitting and sharp
The sharpening tool. It’s a tool. I keep coming back to that
If your blades not sharp
It takes more energy and it is harder to get the job done when you bring a sharpening tool with you
Then your blade can stay sharp
Medical I haven’t really covered that in depth. A lot of the medical needs that you’re gonna have in the backcountry are stop bleeding now
almost all of the shooting related related medical needs are gonna be stopped bleeding now, so I don’t have a
shooting related kit on me because I don’t think I’m gonna get into shooting up here in the mountains, but
The other thing is there’s a certain point where carrying the tank around is too much
You have to shed some weight based on the mission that you’re doing. So
The tourniquets and stuff have them in your bags
But in my case, I have them in a big a bag that’s in my trunk
Okay, and that big 8 8 bag gives me I’ve actually got IVs. I’ve got tourniquets
I’ve got Sam splints
Israeli bandages all sorts of cool stuff for that my car gets in a wreck if I get a shooting
You know that kind of stuff is covered
But when we’re out here there are many natural materials that you can use for first-aid
This Versa cloth that I have my canteen inside of and this is how I carry my water
Right here. This versa cloth will work as a shoulder sling in case I have a broken bone
I broke this arm when I was in junior high
Compound fracture. We just put some sticks on it wrap some shirts around the sticks
Shoulder splitting my arm and I went and Dana have hiked out
This is a major important thing that you can use for medical a shemagh will work as well some sort of
Or foot by 4 foot cloth. All you really need now. Is it ideal?
No, but it is a base level and for me
That’s what I use if I’ve cut myself somewhat so bad that I’m bleeding out on a finger or something
Grab some rubber bands around and tie a string around and get that bleeding stopped and get out
Pack it with this type of gauze. That’s that’s kind of a field expedient way of looking at medical
There are better ways of doing it, but that’s what I used
Last thing okay. I always even seek some kind of a bottle. I prefer it to be metal
The reason why I’ve always easy seeing some kind of a bottle because I live in the desert and I always need water
Especially when I’m up and trail running
Why do I want to be metal well because I can put water in this thing and boil it
I can put a rabbit in this thing in boiling. I can throw some teas which I happen to have
In order to make stuff taste good and boil it
that way I have those salts those electrolytes and
Something that tastes good if you’re gonna live off the land for any amount of time and eat a lot of meat bring something spicy
So that you can put it in there and boil it if it’s plastic
can’t really boil it and if I do I am eating BPA or
chemicals and all that fun stuff and melting my can
Alright guys, this is my simple EDC kit
Something I carry on a very regular basis again. It’s very modular
I will add to it and remove from depending upon the thing that I’m doing
Hopefully this is valuable to you. If you have comments, please leave them down below and I will reply to you
As always thank you for watching

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