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  1. @babymalai Yes, tried them all. No luck. Bruce was warned it was irreplaceable, & as usual, he had to take it upon himself to do what he was NOT told to do. He broke, lost or threw out something daily for 2 months here. The plumbing he destroyed alone cost 1,900 euros to replace, had to break the walls & everything. Apt door open. Lost my keys 2x. Arrrgh! In 18 years, I only saw the Brigitte France offer once, and they say they have not been able to get them ever again but would like to.

  2. wiggys is good, lifetime warranty on most of their stuff, high quality, strange customer service, I wasn't sure they would get the order right the three times that I bought something from them, but they did every time. It's hard to find companies that pride themselves on quality, but they are out there still. The jacket, comforter and sleeping bag are so high in quality and work so well that I cannot even imagine ever sending them back.

  3. @rayme4raw I have been in Europe since 1994, and if I can find something good here, fine, I buy it here. I have had to stop ordering from the USA altogether. This does not bode well for the US economy. At any given time, there are about a million Americans in France, many of us living permanently here for whatever reason. There are so many Americans abroad, but in the past few months, ordering from there has been a nightmare. INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION obviously are a ripoff.

  4. @babymalai Quality mini-candle lanterns of the MILITARY, not DECORATIVE type, are very hard to find. The Swiss Army ones are the best. I need 3 for this apartment, minimum, & one for the car, at least. Bruce simply did not seem to take the issue seriously. You can really heat & light a whole room with a Swiss Army candle lantern, they serve as ad hoc road flares, they can safely heat you in your car & give light all night, & they can operate in heavy winds, too. Thanks! 1 tealight candle!

  5. @slobomotion I've learned a long time ago to buy quality no matter where it comes from. I'll spend more for a product that will last for decades and that I can enjoy rather than buy one cheap that will last a year or two. I've heard from other people that customer service is deteriorating across the board everywhere. I prefer to buy quality so that I don't have to depend on customer service. That being said, I'm doing no major buying for a few years until things settle down or collapse.

  6. @rayme4raw I hear ya. I warned friggin Bruce, BE CAREFUL WITH THAT, I cannot replace it. CRASH! Idiot, also had to change the locks, 600 euros cash plus a bribe, he lost the key the second time, security door, never did find it I guess. What a crudbag he turned out to be. Kept trying to have unprotected sex with me, too. UNPROTECTED? How dumb is THAT? I actually am faithful to my spouse, but hey, BODILY FLUIDS EXCHANGE, hello?!!!!!!

  7. @babymalai I really like the hand-cranked solar powered 4-band radio and flashlight I got from LL BEAN last year, 20 bucks. I don't use a portable phone, but with a jack, you can also recharge THEM with that, too. It is small! I actually need the flashlight a lot, and it is good being able to have music or news on hand. Fits in my handbag easily. I gave 2 of them last year to the guys who built my web site, as a tip. Just don't use INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION in the USA! xo

  8. @rayme4raw Again, I am really shocked about the deterioration in American services. This is where we were always outstanding! For years, I even paid tariffs on imports from American companies willingly because they rarely messed up, and when they did, they made good on it cheerfully! Smart business, keeps the customers going back. American concern for the customer to be well served has been legendary for so long, and now THIS? And I know they need the business!