10 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Picatinny Order Online At 6:55

  1. The prices there are unbelievable compared to fairbanks..i believe your 1 mm roll of plastic is about the same as Saran Wrap.🤔good video Sirs

  2. Y,ou could go to Goodwill, and get the bottle and knife for a lot less. I know you were just showing what you can get at Walmart. Just saying.

  3. wtH would anyone accept ANY monetary limits on their ability to survive? Is your life, health and honor only worth $20 to you? I've got nearly $2000 in just the rifle stuff. i've got $1000+ in the two pistols. I've got another $1000 in the BOB stuff( mostly due to the night vision) and thousands more buried at the BOL, mostly as food. wtH would you buy your life and death stuff at wally's,much less dollar tree? anyone can qualify for $9000 worth of college loans in a few months. They will take $90 a month as payment on that 9k and you can make $60 a month selling your plasma. So the fact is that you CAN be properly equipped, quite easily. you can save 5k a year even with just a minimum wage job and no cash side-hustles, , by living in a $2000 minivan and getting around on a bicycle. I did so for 3 years, on 5k a year, not long ago. If you can't make CLEAR 20k a year, it's cause you're inept and lazy.

  4. if you know anything, $5 will get you thru 3 weeks. there's no need of food for 3 weeks of just laying around. Buy a knife, 2 packs of trashbags, or one pack and a pack of dryer anti-cling sheets, if it's bug season, a bread pan, a roll of clear packing tape. cut up some of the bags and tie-tape them to make clothing-wraps, containers, mattress, shelter, cordage. Filter water thru your t shirt and boil it in the breadpan. Make a big pump drill for fire starting. You can make a brush/stone/grass baited fish wear, a fish spear, throwing/digging sticks, a bola, a sling.. There's snakes, lizards, frogs. Numerous animals can't outrun a man. Beaver, muskrat, nutria, groundhog, possum, coon, porcupine. Birds nests can be raided, tree sap can be collected, There's plants and insects, too. There's not enough to eat (unless you have nets and a silenced autorifle) but there is SOME food out there. The question is, can you GET it, without burning more calories doing so than you get back?