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I went dude that’s all purple the best
part about sleeping on a box word when
it gets really hot you can just do this
both Logan Logan we have a serious
problem we have one of the biggest
problem we have ever had in the history
of the channel what is it
our video Logan it got way too many
views in life it was not supposed to get
this many views in life we asked for
15,000 likes to do a 24 hour box for
challenge in the water I did not want to
do a 24 hour box for challenge in the
water Jake how many likes do we have
that we didn’t get enough we got 50,000
likes Logan she’s SP within 5 almost a
million view closures we literally hold
50,000 905 mr. Donovan
yes we have to do the 24 hour box for
challenge we can’t hide behind not
enough lights Logan looks like Papa Jake
has to build another box hey yo what do
I got Papa take your humble my bro bro
you punk and he back there – oh my god
no we are back with a brand new video
and today we are doing a follow-up video
to the one that we did last week because
you’ve absolutely killed me you guys
went straight savage on my last video
and got it over 50,000 likes so now we
got a nice 24 hours crazy Jake
it is very crazy Logan so we have to
sleep in a box for tonight together oh
yeah we’re gonna be somewhere to sleep a
very opposite side always the small box
buddy but guys we could not get over how
awesome you were with liking the video
sharing the video and so we have decided
that we are going to take on the
challenge to survive in a box for for 24
hours we are still working up to the 24
hour box fort in the forest but I think
this would be a good little test and set
the mood for a box for building this
demo day but we’re going to surviving
out in the middle of our pool for 24
hours we got to sleep there we got to
make our own food look we never decided
on peeing and pooing that’s just going
to be left up to mystery
there is a hole in the middle of odd we
are too little for survival so I will
jump ahead and grab some gear all right
guys so Papa takes box for Arsenal aside
from the boxes themselves consists of
all of this survival gear all right we
got flashlights we’ve got a lighter
which we’ll need to start our fire but
that’s definitely an issue we also have
a knife in case anyone tries to board
our box board ships will cut them off
and make them walk the plank what is it
Papa Jake is it a cube is it a candy no
yeah it’s a light not today like I go
underwater it’s completely waterproof
and it’s super powerful we have our
headlamps which we’re definitely going
to need these are also waterproof and
then we have this which you are going to
use to cook our dinner got masculine
underwater in case we need a hunt for
fish carp which is very important
probably the most important thing
because we didn’t do this in our last
box for it and it’s definitely messes
over it is going to protect us from the
rain Logan gave you one job and that one
job was to find food and nourishment for
our one day in the box forth and what
did I do
I got lazy in order to the first thing I
saw on Amazon it said it’s supposed to
last two three days it’s a three day
survival kit I have this from Bear
Grylls Oh
oh my god we’re ready we’re going to
pack this up in a waterproof bag before
we bring this out we got to make the box
for it let’s head outside and let’s
start building this baby alright guys
it’s starting to rain it’s not that nice
outside compared to the last time we did
the floating box for it I don’t know
guys sleeping in the box for tonight
will probably get really cold it’s begun
jake has got the raft it’s official Oh
God do we are going to get hypothermia
3:00 a.m. in the morning if we’re
getting in water and we’re soaking wet
we were going to be very very cold which
is why I think we’re going to need a
fire raft alright guys you hear Jake
fire ass you want to really tight guys
we should be able to support both Mia
Logan for an entire night we’re losing a
lot of sunlight very quickly we always
leave up to the last minute of a growth
if we don’t get this box were made and
in the pool in time for dark I don’t
know how we’re going to do this dude
we’re not gonna be able to fill this in
pitch black dude if you go in the box
for in three two all right guys so
progress is coming along fairly well the
Sun is literally setting pool is looking
kind of creepy at least you have a light
I forgot about that there is a pool
light there were so many comments on our
last floating box for a video and I
can’t go back and find the guy who gave
us the idea one of you guys gave us the
idea to prop up the roofs to protect the
box for it from rain shout-out to
whoever you are we can’t fuck you in the
comments thank you yeah so we won’t the
slanted roofs and some guys because we
will because we wanted to make sure that
if it did rain which it’s supposed to
the water would just run off and we
would not be disturbed at night there
she is our home for the next few nights
and by few nights I mean one night the
box has a roof it has a lot of tape
we’ve extra tape this version of it
because well we’re surviving it
overnight and we really don’t want it to
fall apart because if it does this is
our baby
Logan’s fixing up the last roof here so
we’re going to have that ready and then
we have this taco
hashtag taco in the chat do you guys
like tacos this is going to be our fire
rap which you’re going to be attached
the main rap and we’re going to fire on
it with bricks it’s going to be kind of
complicated and very dangerous so don’t
try this at home but we need you it’s
survival how else we’re going to cook
our food and once we have this already
guys we are going to go inside we’re
going to grab all of our gear and a
waterproof bag bringing the box for it
and we’re launching her into the water
for the night
there we have it so the Sun is almost
set and we are just finishing up the box
for it we’ve got a little bit to do but
we probably have about half an hour left
and we’re launching this boat going oh I
don’t think so man another perfect box
cause guys it’s a perfect floating house
when always gotta get in and start
surviving all right guys here we go I’m
gonna get in the pool
oh it’s really cool all right guys we
got to get inside
Oliver gears in here there we go it’s
almost like me right now it’s Christmas
flat oh God we want to ask we’ve got our
survival box here so there we go
oh my god I was like all we need that’s
all the way we need literally and by the
way we’ve got going to mention going
through some pillows and blankets in
here as well so we got the pillow here
officially set sail though so the roof
is completely covered guys Oh
so if it rains we are a-ok there’s no
way any water’s gonna get in there this
is currently what we have right now so
we have a ration box which will dive
into it a little bit pretty much three
days where the supplies in here again I
don’t know continue I’m really
interested to check it out alright so
down through here
next up when I went dude that’s all
purple there’s literally all of our food
guys that’s our food and water
desaturation slogan is chlorine no no
you can’t you definitely cannot drink
that so one of us is gonna have to go in
but guys next up on the list was the
splint in steel which we’re going to use
to start our fire and then if this
didn’t work I’ve got a back-up plan
which is waterproof matches now in order
for us to start our fire we got to go
get our food right now we have to go on
a recon mission I also read a point okay
really quick not only is this box poured
like it’d be awesome but we don’t have a
mosquito problem anymore because we have
a tarp it’s literally like a mascara and
we close our door guys and we’re good to
it’s so
last thing I know it’s literally like
we’re in a water this might be guys when
we do the box for surviving in my
backyard before it was the most
uncomfortable night rocked up I’m so
comfortable this is more comfortable
than my bed we lost one of the masks so
we only have this mask you should get
the Matthew up and then we’ll both go in
the recon mission for food all right I
like it we’ll go get the masks if I
don’t make it back
Logan take care of your lady she’s ours
it’s looking more sad
the guys might not make you all right
guys you got my match today guys all the
food is literally floating around it’s
all come out of all those we’re gonna
have to go collect all of it maybe now
we’re here it up I took that my Mentos
the porn is attention
yeah we need the thermo for anything
we’re going to use it breathing here we
go emergency blanket thanks for the
blanket big thanks for sharing
definitely more energetically not to
know is I alright guys so we collected
all the food back from what fell in the
water scar thermal blanket on we’re just
trying to heat up right now we’re trying
to get warm been in water we’re soaking
wet we just got to get warmth and we do
have this this is what I was able to get
from the bottom of the ocean one of our
headlamps aside we’ve got a ton of water
which is good because we’re always
checking if there’s I’m already yeah we
can’t drink chlorine and it’s actually
pretty cool this is the water it’s
emergency water but honestly I didn’t
know the blanket was in this so that was
a huge lifesaver guys so let’s get the
fire started we gotta find the top
I’m almost there here we go there we go
there she is alright what was that is
our fire for the night let’s connect her
so we need to tie the fire pit to the
box for it because it keeps floating
away so we’re gonna try and tie it
around the wreck and then attach that
thing inside so I got that piece that’s
probably strong enough yeah that’ll be
good you’re going using of course piece
of the box
god this is so cute in Lee just a little
bit west okay alright if this lights
we’ll be able to put some more of the
heavy cardboard on put our stuff on
we’re ready to cook smelling it there
yeah here we go
little light below oh there we go there
we go we got a guy’s on again oh there
we go
as that boys and girls we got fire dude
guys in case you ever caught a final I
will tell you that the key was not to do
it quick but to do really hard long one
not only guys this is beautiful look at
but it’s also very warm already I’m
starting to feel a lot warmer because of
this and it’s like fairly safe the tacos
holding great names yeah
the emergency food rations ready-to-eat
full of vitamins and minerals and it has
a five year shelf life
BAM so you know it’s healthy all right
what’s uh what is that it’s less dinner
really that one day what is that I don’t
really know this is literally supposed
to sustain you for like three days
almost like um a cookie that’s about 100
calories okay yeah I’m just so hungry we
spent like three hours gaming’s ready
had to go hunting for this food
literally so guys that is our water for
the night we just had dinner had our
water we’ve got a nice fire in front of
us in the middle of this water the
popcorn is a little bit messy but she’s
holding up she’s a little crinkly and
then it’s off the bed for us but then I
got to play out the fire before bed
there she goes
I guess well it’s time to uh get the
blanket on try and sleep Alex no time is
your can bring our cell phones in here
water video anything will let me have
probably one or two we’re both exhausted
we ate we drank if their whole blanket
is so warm I’m like super toasty super
comfy we’re gonna shut the lights off
and just enjoy the rocking back and
forth and try get some rest
I’m not gonna sleep late that night man
and I do channel right off morning Jake
how are you doing buddy as you wait you
wait yet another box for it another
night another day yeah guys I object
here I didn’t sleep at all outside guys
selves absolutely crazy we did it the
boxing or off yellow boxes I just own it
no over here
who’s this doing is a couple saving
about me but yo that’s better than bacon
and eggs man that is some good breakfast
brick aw it’s really warm water good so
gross but we played good to them so far
the best part about sleeping on a box
for it when it gets really hot you can
just do this well guys this has
officially been at the 24 hour a
floating box for challenge we did it we
survived we stayed the night
honestly I gotta say this was comfier
than our last one but guys we still can
go a little bit further if you guys
wanted to do the 24 hour box for
challenge in the woods that means we
have no house barely any electricity we
can only rely on the resources we bring
then smash that like button guys we want
to try and go for sixty thousand likes
on this video I know you guys can do it
I know you guys want to see it but this
has been father Jake from team epiphany
with Logan I will see you guys next time
for another ah

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