13 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Police How Can I Order At 5:44

  1. No! you didn't spend at least $199 on your knife, you won't survive an hour in the woods! And how can you build camp without a tactical pen?

  2. I guess if you have to poop the cotton balls could also come in handy……..

    Single wall stainless steel bottle only… Never use a double walled (insulated) bottle over fire.

  4. nice sound advise I have similar items to do similar things but some things different example I got hatchet ( small axe ) and tarp 10' × 12' instead clothing I got wool blanket and cotton blanket for ground liner got large contractor garbage bag and beach towel also candle to help start fire cigarette lighter matches wrapped in swan wrap and 1 fire starter cotton & vasaline I use medium type hand held flashlight bear spray I put instant soup packet and bacon treats for my dog and 2 containers + single lined metal water bottle I study the area on maps ahead of time but do have compass put in extra socks and trunks ofcourse paracord and twine a solid hunting knife on me extra flash light in pocket extra lighter matches fire starter on me ( pockets )

  5. Great instructional for novices.
    Please include KNOWLEDGE in the list. Survival items are useless If you never used them before (saw people bring survival knives still packed in plastic with nothing to open the package – No kidding). LEARN how to make fire, build a shelter, etc. Put your stuff to use BEFORE you rely on it!