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bug out plan how to be ready to evacuate when to bug out how to bug out what to put in bug out bag must have gear items
hi it’s AlaskaGranny what if you had to
leave your home bug out there are some
emergencies when it’s not safe to stay or bug in
and so you need to leave the area leave your home when to bug out evacuate
make sure you have a bug-out bag with
three days worth of supplies and
emergency equipment make sure you also
have emergency car kit and the things
that you would need in your car emergency survival gear then you
need to have a plan when would you leave bug out evacuate
where would you go bug out location how would you get
there and where will you stay once you
arrive bug out evacuate make sure you have paper maps
that show the safest route to your
destination and always try to make sure
you have at least a half of tank full of
gas in your car follow safe evacuation routes and be
alert to hazards don’t drive through
floods watch out for downed power lines
make a communication plan with your
family if you’re at your home where do
you meet inside of your home in an emergency if you have
to get out of your home where do you
meet in your yard or your neighborhood
what if you’re away from home at work or
at school have an area in your
neighborhood or your community where you
would have a meet-up spot and if you
needed to actually evacuate or bug out
make sure you have a plan of how to
communicate that to each other and that
you know where that meet up bug out location is then you
need to start gathering the things emergency supplies gear that
keep you safe make sure you have an
emergency contact list gather up a list vital information most important paper work
of your identification your medical
records your insurance information your
credit card information work in school
contact information make sure you have
that written down on a piece of paper
and you have it with your bug out bag or
your car emergency kit survival gear
some are
important so that you can make sure that
you have that even if there is no power
or no access to cell phone communication
each family member needs their own bug
out bag or emergency kit you need to
include in it things like water food
something to shelter with such as a Life
Bivy emergency sleeping bag from Go Time Gear you need
some plastic garbage trash bags
some paracord a flashlight a multi-tool
a first-aid kit
any medications that you need depend on and a
simple sanitation and hygiene kit add to
your kit anything emergency survival supplies stockpile items that you feel is vital things
that you would want to have in an
emergency situation take the opportunity
to prepare get your family ready collect survival emergency supplies so that
you are prepared no matter what comes
your way we never know when an emergency
is going to come but you can be sure
everybody’s going to have to face them emergency situations
sometime in their life so be ready for
whatever comes your way
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Tactical Flashlight Police Where To Buy

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  1. great plan for more and try to have contingencies in place and hope for less to happen, with little issues from the "situation" Good shoes, snow /normal boots, socks and jerry can can go a long way in the transportation part of it all. TFS from C.R.

  2. Some good thoughts..I am worried about the flooding we had back with Irene and Lee….our little town was devastated…..the water on main st. was 6ft deep and some lost everything

  3. Excellent suggestions, I try to remind people that a bug out bag is for any and ALL emergencies from a fire close to your home to a gas leak or localized flooding.. it does not have to be end of the world to need a bug out bag!

  4. That is so true about have a bug out plan and have your kits made up and ready in case you have to leave home. I mentioned to you before about having two backpacks made up and I keep them handy and if the worst comes I am able to survive in the forest here and have certain food ready to be taken with me. I also have other survival supplies which I keep in my backpacks including a good knife I know is dependable in the wilderness.

  5. Good information! Love the moose scarf. I'm always hunting for moose items but have a very difficult time finding anything.