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  1. I have a Mora classic 2 that I love. I just ordered 3 Mora companion HD's for Christmas gifts and one of those is for me lol. Mora is pretty much the best bang for your buck knives I've ever seen.

  2. Will an oil cloth like Tuff work to keep these in good shape? Have always had stainless so want to know proper care. Was thinking of getting the companion . thanks and great video

  3. My Bushcraft Black Carbon is by far my favorite Mora, although I really like my 546G stainless blade for fishing and my Classic 2/0 is my go to blade for smaller camp chores and carving tasks. I had a Bushcraft Tri-Flexthat I gave to my wife for her backpack when I bought the Bushcraft Black and I liked it very much. I also have three carvers, the #106 strait blade and the #'s 163 & 164 Crook knives. I would like to get the Mora 2000 next.