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  1. Not bad, I live near the area you are hiking into.   High Desert Central Oregon. 

    The USMC pack is a good choice; so use those darn MOLLE attachment sites.  I am all about emergency medicine.  So in the event you fall and dislocate a shoulder, how exactly do you get to your kit?  A first aid kit has only gear you are going to use for —-first aid.  Nothing else to get in the way.   No bags for game or glasses ect.   It should be outside the bag attached via those MOLLE attachment sites.  It should have something to control bleeding, a cravat or two for slings and splinting ect, and then comfort stuff like Tylenol and Moleskin ect. 

    Consider vacuum packing to both waterproof gear and to give you a ton of room.  That poncho can be shrunk to fit your cargo pocket.  

    Water purification?  At least two ways–tablets and a life straw or frontier.    More carbs, more food.  Especially have some you can grab after you expend a ton of energy running or something….

    Weapons….pistol is nice.  But a long rifle–a 10/22 and a brick of ammo to get some varmits on the range to add to your food supply.  Best of luck on those snares if you are moving with purpose across desert to your goal.  With a 10/22 in your hands you can take  snapshot at rabbits you spook.   And it gives you range.  

    Poncho is your makeshift litter to drag or cover gear if it rains hard or to hide it.   So it should be easy to get—a 6×6 5.11 pouch at Sportsman warehouse for it….

    A rite-in-the rain note pad and a pencil or two.   Maps??      If you know you are crossing a desert, pre position a cache is a good idea and something to train to travel too…..

    Good job on getting out there. 

  2. Hey guys, I've been catching up on Twyggy's channel and thread at survivalist boards and found your channel as well.  I wanted to ask if either of you guys think about having a small amount of food (1 or 2 cliff bars) and some water procurement/purification into those chest rigs? In case of separation from the main pack for an extended period.

  3. I did not see a folding saw yet?
    Maybe a few more videos up.
    Great load out thanks for sharing again.
    Take Care.

  4. Thank you for sharing this video. Nice kit. I appreciate how you don't try to tell everyone what they need to have in their kits. So many others say "this is a must, very essential, or everyone needs to have one of these." keep up the good work and thanks again.