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desert hiking pack what to take for a desert hike
hi it’s alaskagranny I’m preparing my
day pack for going out with my hiking
club and I thought I would show you the
things that I carry when I go out it is
just day hikes for like up to six or
eight hours no longer than that anyway I
have this bag I’ve had it for a long
time it’s called an ingear bag and it
wraps around your waist so it’s a waist
pack and I like it very much it has a
compartment here where I pack all of
these hiking supplies things so in that compartment I
have band-aids my emergency contact
information a whistle that I keep around
my wrist when I’m hiking and I’ve been
very glad I had it because one time we
were hiking and somebody was shooting
guns around where we were we didn’t see
them so I was blowing my whistle so they
would know that somebody was around then
there’s one of those little knives that
I love victorinox swiss army knife and it has tweezers which have
come an extra handy because we’ve gone
hiking where there are cactus and people fall
in them I have some gum because it’s
dusty on the trail some allergy medicine
this is a little flashlight and a key to
my house because when I come back I want
to make sure I can get in my house and I
got this little flashlight and it’s
really quite bright I like these little
guys a lot I’ve got a safety pin some
nail clippers sunscreen hair ties and
emery board and this little microfiber towel in a tiny pouch from
rei is really cool it clips on it has a
little towel inside and i love it it’s
got a little pink microfiber towel which
I’ve used many times I think it’s handy
then the next pouch is right in here and
i put these things in there I have wet
wipes I have Kleenex I have some cash I
have a comb some sunscreen and a compass
then in the great big pouch of my day pack waist pack
I love my great big pack I put
all these things I have sunglasses
gloves granola bars and nuts and snacks
I have some cooling pads I have a little
bag with some napkins and some plastic
utensils I have a poncho I have a
shoehorn because I have a terrible time
with my boots so if I’m going to take
them on and off I need that little help
then this is just a little extra bag so
if I take off extra clothes I have a
little bag i can put them in then this
is one of those lifestraw sipping water filters
protects against things like Giardia and
you just you can sip out of wherever if
you’re in an emergency and you need some
water and I have my little fire starting
kit I have some matches I have some
cotton balls with Vaseline and I have a
little tiny pencil sharpener because I
had read that if you need to you can
take a little stick sharpen in the
pencil sharpener and make some little
tinder so I like it then I have of
course a plastic bag because you never
know then these are the kind of water
bottles that I like I fill these up when
I’m getting ready to go and they have a
big old sippy lid on them and they close
up and they even have a spot where you
can clip them on your pack if you need to then
I’ve got a pouch right here to put one water bottle
in and then on this side where the other
one goes so that’s real handy then I
also have two little pockets on the side
there’s pocket right here where I keep
chapstick and this side I keep Kleenex
because when I’m out those are the
things I want most so they’re in the
handiest pocket I like this because it
has I’ve it had a little string and so I
stuck one of those carabiners on there I
have my bandana I have some hand
sanitizer and that’s what the place
where I would clip my little towel it’s
just not clipped
yet then on the other side I have my hat
this is my very favorite hiking hat and
I lost one once when I was getting in
and out at the beginning of a hike or
the end of a hike I guess and so I want
to make sure I never lose it again when
I’m not actually wearing it and so I put
it on a carabiner also and clip it on my
bag when I’m not wearing it and
something that I added to the bottom of
the bag well it had a strap and I added
some extra straps so that if I take off
my jacket I can wrap it up and shove it
in there and it will hold it pretty well
or I can stick it in that little black
extra bag that I have any way this works
really well for me I did realize that
I’m missing a lighter and a space
blanket so I’m going to have to make
sure that I add that in here before I
set out again more
sunscreen gotta have sunscreen when
you’re going out and spend the day
outside so get lots of sunscreen anyway these
are the things that I carry on my desert hiking trips
day hikes and I’d be interested to see
what you hike with when you go out so
leave me a comment on things you think I
have missing or your thoughts on my gear
and if you like my videos I hope you’ll
subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel alaskagranny.com
have a great time on the trail and have
a great day

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Tactical Flashlight Polycarbonate Body How Can I Order

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