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all right guys we’re gonna talk about an
addition to my EDC gear so stay tuned to
the intro what’s up my name is Doug the
bearded outdoorsman welcome to another
video if you enjoy beard product reviews
gear reviews and gear tips then you’ve
come to the right place today we’re
gonna be talking about an addition to my
EDC kit and my EDC gear that fits in the
palm of my hand well you’ve probably
read the title in the description and
you already know what we’re talking
about a rat’s tourniquet do you know
what a rat’s tourniquet do you know what
it stands for
Ratz tourniquet stands for rapid
application tourniquet system do you
carry a tourniquet as part of your EDC
that’s what we’re going to talk about
today now to me in my opinion this is a
must-have for anybody who carries EDC
gear or carries concealed weapon this
recently has been added to my EDC gear
and my pockets literally probably about
four days after I filmed that EDC video
a couple weeks ago I’ll put a card up
top if you didn’t see go check that
video out look at all the other gear
that I carry as EDC but this literally a
few days later has been added to my EDC
stuff why was it added three or four
days afterwards I’ve had this tourniquet
for a while and I just never thought
about adding it to my EDC stuff I really
don’t know why but a rat’s tourniquet
there were two types of tourniquets
there are rats and there are cat now
I’ll do another video about the cat
tourniquet but in my opinion just
carrying what I carry is just stuff that
will fit in my pockets so for me that
makes the rats tourniquet the best
option because it’s not as big and bulky
as the
can’t tourniquet so we’ll do a follow-up
video on the cat tourniquet when I do
it’ll be in a cart up top so the rats
tourniquet if you’re not familiar it is
this elastic band this is how it just
basically wraps up and fits in your
pocket so are wherever else you want to
carry it in my opinion before I open
this up I will tell you that if you
carry if you carry a concealed weapon
you should be carrying one of these if
you are injured or if an innocent
bystander is injured when you have to
draw your weapon then you need to be
able to stop the blood loss you need to
be able to stop that blood so this is
perfect for them so it just have it
tucked in so it is easy to deploy and
the other thing about that is if you are
carrying you need to keep this in a spot
where it is easily easily accessed by
either hand if you’re in a one-handed
operation you need to be able to get to
it by your good hand
so all it is is this metal a little I
don’t even know how to describe it but
this little metal clasp and an elastic
band so you keep this part in there as a
little loop and then for me I just wrap
this around so I can have it in my
pocket and have it very tight and nice
little package so it’s easily accessible
and it doesn’t bulk up my whole pocket
or take up a whole lot of space now
there are some Rats tourniquet carriers
out there on the market there’s a couple
that I found I will drop them in the
description below as well as drop a
couple of the brands there’s numerous
companies that are making these rats
tourniquets and I will drop a couple of
them in the description I picked mine up
off of Amazon they have them like in a
two pack for not a very bad price but
something you got to think about don’t
scrimp on your tourniquet pay a little
bit of money for it and then that way
you know it’s going to be quality you do
not want to pay two or three dollars for
a tourniquet and the elastic break or
whatever you
want it to be a solid piece of gear that
in the event you need it it’s going to
deliver and be what and do what it’s
supposed to do but I will do a follow-up
video showing exactly how to use this
tourniquet there’s a couple different
ways people do them but this is
definitely something that is part of my
ABC now I said in my EDC videos anything
changed I’m doing update here’s my
update here’s the first update I’m sure
I’ll do another one but this is now
added to my EDC and I highly recommend
you guys if you carry a concealed weapon
or if you’re concerned about your EDC
gear and you want to carry anything on
the first-aid side you need to have a
tourniquet in that so again the rats
tourniquet is rapid application
tourniquet system and I just wrap this
around get it all nice and pack down on
this little metal hasp and then just
tuck it into itself so it’s not tied in
any kind of knot it’s not tied in any
way that I wouldn’t be able to undo it
with one hand and that is the goal is to
be able to undo this with one hand and
utilize it so according to what pair of
pants I’m wearing and how my pockets are
if they’re really deep pockets then I
may carry it in my back pocket but if my
pockets aren’t real deep then I’m just
carrying it into my front pocket I
normally have been carrying this here
lately I’ve been carrying this in my
pocket with my wallet and it doesn’t
take up a whole lot of space I actually
don’t even realize that there most of
the time but in the event that I need it
I have it and it’s a great addition to
any EDC kit alright guys so i’ma leave
you with two questions today just answer
these questions in the comments below
number one do you have a tourniquet as
part of your EDC gear do you carry it on
a daily basis whether that be in your
pocket whether that being an EDC bag do
you carry a tourniquet as part of your
EDC and the second part of that question
is if you do which one do you carry do
you carry
Oh rats or do you carry a cat tourniquet
now I’m gonna do a comparison video in
the future and compare the two because I
want to kind of show the differences if
you guys are unfamiliar with them but if
you carry a tourniquet let me know which
one you carry and you may carry a cat
tourniquet because you’re not familiar
with the rats so that’s why I’m doing
this video showing you a little bit
about this tourniquet and why I think
it’s important now I’ll do a follow-up
video like I said I’ll do a follow-up
video on how to apply this tourniquet
once that video goes live it will be in
a cart up top but check out the rats
tourniquets alright guys well that is it
until next time stay bearded get
outdoors and god bless

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Tactical Flashlight Polycarbonate Body Where Can One Order

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  1. Links:
    RATS Tourniquet: https://amzn.to/2JxXIWa
    RATS Tourniquet holder on Etsy: https://bit.ly/2JtH0qE

  2. John Lovell has a video about carrying his RATS through his belt loops. Thanks for the update.

  3. I think I need one for when I'm prepping dinner with the big knife. I'm concerned about my knife/cooking skills 😅