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  1. kick ass video man….two questions: does the tee pee sit directly on top or do you decrease the amount of criss cross logs on the top layer so the tee pee can set deeper inside the pyramid?
    also on this video about how big were the logs you used at the base of the pyramid??
    can't wait to try this technique…nice..

  2. teepee sits on top, keep feeding it until you have some decent coals. the logs were 6-8 inch diameter

  3. I was just looking at the prices for your classes. Holy shit! I thought they'd all be around $1k. Those are damn reasonable.

  4. I've seen a number of videos on the pyramid fire, but this is the best one by far. The dirt/clay in between is brilliant.

  5. I almost, really almost can not believe it last more than 24hours! Thank you for this good video/experiment budy!! Nice jog!!

  6. hey, there's girls here too, not just guys watching and wondering! ive been watching your videos learning all night. probably won't last as long as this fire though LOL

  7. I like this as an alternative to the v shaped stacked log method with gravity feed.
    You can't always find long straight logs or be able to drive wood steaks into the ground to make a ramp.