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Prepping must have emergency survival disaster prepper supplies FEMA kit plus more
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper FEMA the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA
can do great things in times of
emergencies just like they’re doing now
in the times of Covid 19 Coronaviruse pandemic shutdowns quarantines they’re
building field hospitals but in times of
emergencies and natural disasters none
of us want to be dependent on the
government or FEMA for our basic needs
we can look at the suggestions that FEMA
asks us to have for our basic emergency
kits that we should all have in our home
I’m going to go over those FEMA recommended disaster supply items with
you today and tell you what kind of
things I think you should also add to
your FEMA emergency kit FEMA gives you
the absolute bare-bones basics for emergency survival disaster supplies they tell you to have enough supplies for three
days if you look at actual real disasters
emergencies that may have happened to
you or you’ve seen on the news three
days is nowhere near enough time to
recover from a big disaster whether it’s
a hurricane a tornado or something like
this Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic that’s been sweeping across the world the first thing on your
emergency list of must have supplies is water we know that we need one gallon of water per day per
person and you should have enough water for a minimum of three days most important prepping supply in any emergency is water each person should
actually have a 14 days supply of water if you really want to be prepared for an
emergency you should store a minimum of
14 gallons of water per person for your
family you aren’t going to need water
just for drinking you’re also going to
need water for hygiene sanitation needs
cooking and cleaning so make sure that
you are storing as much water as you can
we know that we have to have water to
survive and so what happens when that
water runs out you may still have
running water in your home but it may
not be safe to drink so you should go
beyond just having a few gallons of
water and have a way to purify more
water if you need to one easy way to
purify water is adding bleach but if you
want to add bleach you need to have
some eyedroppers so that you can drop a
few drops into each quart bleach is not
an easy item to store for long term
because the bleach and it evaporates and
you’re left with just water so a next
option would be to store something like
pool shock but pool shock is a chemical
you need to make sure that you store it
in an airtight container and you store
it outside of your house in somewhere like
your garage or a shed because it is a
chemical but one little package of pool
shock add some of the powdered pool
shock to some water and then you have
made your own bleach and you can use
drops of that pool shock water into the
water that you want to drink or use for
other purposes packet pool shock is a
great way to have a nice stockpile of
bleach but you need to make sure that
you store pool shock carefully and know that
pool shock doesn’t last forever either but you can store pool shock for many years
another simple way to have fresh water
especially if you want to put something
in your bug out bag or your hiking bag to purify water is to get Aqua tabs each strip of Aquatabs
Aquatabs water purification tablets has 10 tablets one tablet can purify water stir for 10 minutes and
then allow it to sit for 30 minutes and
you would have water that’s safe to
drink the Aquatabs water purification tablets are really nice they
don’t make a terrible weird taste in the water that
some water purification additives give
water a nasty taste but the Aquatabs
work very well they’re lightweight they
go easily into any little tiny emergency
kit your Bug Out Bag your hiking
bag your camping equipment Get Home Bag the Aquatabs
are a great item to have so that you can
purify water in all
kinds of situations you can also get
Potable Aqua water purification tablets which are germicidal
tablets that come in a little bottle and
you can drop these Potable Aqua water purification tablets into water and purify
it also whenever you get something like
an Aquatab or something like this Potable Aqua make
sure you read the directions carefully
so you understand how to use it to purify water because
it varies from item to item of how you
make your water safe to drink another must have prepping prepper emergency supply
item you might want to consider is some
kind of a water filter whether you want
an in home water filter like a Berkey water filter that you can pour in gallons of water at
a time and it gravity feeds down to
fresh water or a personal water filter
such as a Life Straw portable water filter that you can carry with you no matter where you go and you
can drink safely sipping through the
LifeStraw to purify the water within the
filter itself there’s many different
kinds of water filters it’s a great idea
to make sure you get at least one water filter for your emergency needs the next category
of FEMA recommended emergency supplies is food you need a minimum
of three days worth of open and eat
shelf-stable food that you can eat with
absolutely no preparation if you have no
running water no electricity no way to
cook or prepare anything you want foods
you can just open and eat and you have
something to sustain you no matter what
so think about foods like crackers with
tuna peanut butter open and eat cans of
food that are like full meals entrees
like chili ravioli tamales soups look at
the meal packets you can find all kinds of
different precooked packets of foods Hormel Compleats Tasty Bites that come in
shelf-stable meal packages Campbells Prego meals they’re designed to be heated in the microwave for 60
seconds but they’re fully cooked you
don’t have to heat them up you can just
tear them open and eat them they’re
already prepared full meals you can find healthy meal vegan gluten free Maya Kaimal
options as well as just your family
favorites comfort food flavors you can find everything from everyday dal jackfruit meatloaf pasta alfredo chicken and rice
rice and grain pastas meats all kinds of
there’s just a whole variety of foods
that you can find in shelf-stable meals
that could be heated up but they’re
already fully cooked so all you need to
do is open and eat them and these are
great options what you need to remember
if you have canned foods and they do not have a
pull top make sure you add a can opener
to your emergency supplies and if you’re
looking at putting some food options in
your Bug Out Bag make sure you put in
one of the little p38 or p-52 can
openers the military can openers that
are very handy they take up no room and
they’re extremely useful in an emergency
if you needed to open a can you can find
all kinds of granola bars energy bars meal replacement bars they can be
from fruit to nuts to chocolates to
oatmeal and get the granola energy meal bars that your
family likes and enjoys look for packets
of dried fruits and nuts look for
dehydrated fruits look for fruit pouches
look for juices anything you could tear
open and eat choose foods like boxes
of cereal and shelf-stable milk milk
that doesn’t need to be refrigerated
if cereal is something you like you can
find food for several days that doesn’t
require any cooking start with foods
that need water added to them or need to
be cooked then you could end up with a
bigger problem on your hands than just
being able to make a meal and deal and
figure out what to do next so make sure
you have a three-day supply minimum of
foods that are just open and eat then
you can go ahead and add foods that you
just add water or just need to cook a
little bit and those are great foods to
have to shore up your pantry and fill in
your long term emergency food supplies so that you
have plenty of food going forward don’t stop at the minimum amount of food start with the minimum and
build your food storage a little at a
time every time you go to the store or
you have an opportunity to shop stock up on something
else more food keep putting extra food aside until you have a nice supply of long term emergency stored foods there are all kinds
kinds of reasons why we might have emergencies and shortages and you don’t want to find
that you didn’t supply enough food to
feed your family in any situation once
you have a nice supply of food make sure
you have the items you need to help
provide safe meals for yourself get a
simple camping stove a butane stove is
only like 20 dollars then make sure you
have some extra fuel canisters you can
get something to cook heat food as simple as a few cans of Sterno fuel you can even go to the Dollar
Tree and look for the little cans of
Fancy Heat Fuel it’s like sterno it’s only $1
you remove the lid there’s a wick you
light it Fancy Heat Fuel it’s like an alcohol stove and
you can use this to heat food for about
two hours look for Fancy Fuel Heat in the Dollar Tree where they have
the party supplies you’re also going to
need things supplies like paper plates plastic
utensils cups don’t forget the can opener and I’ll put
a link to a video I made on how to wash
use dishes when there’s little to no
running water that might give you some
ideas on how you can continue to serve
meals when there’s little or no water in
emergency situations or even if you’re
just camping when there’s food going in
there’s food going out make sure you
have toilet paper stock up on some paper towels and some trash bags look for the white kitchen
drawstring garbage bags because they’re great for mealtime cleanup
the tall drawstring kitchen bags are also wonderful to use in a portable toilet if you needed to use one
of those in an emergency I’ll put a link
to a video I made about how to use a
portable toilet which would be called a
Luggable Loo or a honeypot honey bucket emergency toilet in case you
need to have that in an emergency
situation and giant big black garbage
bags the sturdiest ones you can find are
always great there are so many things
you can do with a big black plastic bag
for any kind of an emergency
besides just taking out the trash so make sure you stock up on
these critical items that can see you
through all types of emergencies the
next item that FEMA recommends you have is a radio for an emergency radio I like
the Eaton scorpion emergency radio it’s lightweight and it is multifunctional not only does it have solar panel
crank up as a radio it has am/fm it has
a long antenna it has a built in
flashlight bottle can opener it has
a carabiner clip on it you could hook it
to your backpack to your purse to your
belt loop and you can have it handy
wherever you decide to go you can have a
USB port so you could charge up your
cell phone if you needed it
the next item you need is a flashlight
do not just have one flashlight you need to have a flashlight for every person in your
family you should have a flashlight by
everybody’s bed you should have flashlights
scattered around in your car and your
Bug Out Bag in your Get Home Bag and
every place that you would want to see
if the lights went out it’s very
important that you not only have a
variety of flashlights but that you also
have the batteries that go with them you
can get big heavy-duty flashlights ones which you
can also use as personal protection if
you needed to my favorite flashlight is this USB
rechargeable flashlight from Go Time Gear it has a zoom in focus and it has a USB rechargeable end you can
plug this flashlight in anyplace you can plug in a USB you can recharge this flashlight
headlamps are also a great kind of a
flashlight to have you put them on your
head turn them on your hands are free
for any tasks that you need to do beyond
flashlights maybe you want to get some emergency lanterns you can get them even at the
Dollar Tree and you can get USB
rechargeable little battery-operated
lanterns I also like to have an oil lamp
with extra lamp oil some extra wicks glow
sticks are a great light to have for
children because they’re not going to
set anything on fire and they can go all
night long if they need some comfort if
the power goes out and they need to try
to go to sleep also pick up a cotton mop
I’ll put a link to a video I made on how
to make an endless supply of oil lamps
with the strings of a cotton mop FEMA
also recommends that you have a whistle
and then shelter supplies things like plastic sheeting and duct tape to make an emergency
shelter here’s an idea instead of just
getting a whistle and some plastic
sheeting look at something like a Life
Bivy bivy bag emergency sleeping bag from Go Time Gear it’s an emergency
bivy bag or a sleeping bag that is very
large it’s very sturdy and it comes with
a drawstring pouch that includes
paracord and a whistle the whistle is
very loud you can also look at the Life
Tent emergency shelter also from Go time Gear the Life Tent it sets up
like a tube tent it’s made of extremely
sturdy material that’s reflective on the
inside that comes with the cordage for
you to set it up you can shelter several
people in your family together in the Life Tent from Go Time Gear Life Tent
also includes paracord and an emergency
whistle the combination of the two Life Bivy Live Tent from Go Time Gear makes
sure that you have great emergency
shelters whether you need to use them in
your house or with your Bug Out Bag and
use them should you be stranded away
from your home in place of plastic
sheeting you can also use several of
your heavy-duty black plastic garbage
bags paracord and duct tape you need a
first-aid kit make sure you include
over-the-counter medications a
thermometer feminine hygiene supplies
and any prescription drugs that you take
have some moist towelettes baby wipes wet wipes cleaning cloths or make your
own wet wipes you need several tools for emergencies including
pliers screwdrivers wrenches
multi tools if you use natural gas for
your utilities make sure you also have a
utility shut off tool
tool so you can turn your gas off if
there should be a leak after something
like an earthquake if you have to leave
your home in any kind of an emergency
make sure you have a route plan you know
where you would go how you would get
there and that you have a supply of
paper maps so that you can find your way
if the electronics or your phone stops
working have some chargers so that you
can charge up your electronics that you
rely on if the power goes out make sure
you have a way to charge up your
electronics you can have some backup
batteries extra cords have a plug that
fits the wall and an outlet usb say in your
car maybe you want to have the solar
battery charger Anker Goal Zero solar panel then plan for emergency
situations that could have the greatest
impact on you do you have a baby make
sure you have an adequate supply of
diapers wipes and food do you have pets
make sure you have enough food extra
water for them and a carrier or a leash
or something their favorite blanket and
a toy so that you have those supplies in
a baby bug out bag pet emergency to go pack should you be forced to
evacuate and go somewhere else
you need to have a Bug Out Bag so that
if you had to leave your home you could
have a change of clothes in there have a
little bit of all of these different
categories of emergency supplies and write down a list of the emergency contacts that
you would most need to get in touch with
the people that mean the most to you
write down their phone numbers their
addresses their contact information have
a written copy of your bank accounts
your doctor your hospital your all your
most important information have an extra
copy of those documents in your Bug Out Bag
Get Home Bag know who you could call if you needed help with emergency child care
have a back-up plan so that you’re ready
for all the different things emergencies that can
happen to us there are so many different
emergencies that can crop up and if we
just try to think a little bit ahead
make a plan
deal with those emergency situations we aren’t going to just panic and not know what to do we’ll be
able to take a deep breath refer to our
plan we may not like it but we’ll have
something that we can think to do that
will help smooth the way to get us
through whatever the situation is the
longer we live the more emergency
situations and hardships we will
encounter but the more we go through the
more we know we can go through it we can
do it and we’re going to be okay going
forward so get together the things that
you need that you count on having to
keep your life running as smoothly as
if you found my video useful I hope you’ll share it with someone else
you think might like it
learn more at alaskagranny.com
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