11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Pouch Buy Near Me At 23:38

  1. Ty so much for this video it made me really think about what to put in my bag so many vid don't show whats in it plus I just bought this bag bec this video so ty for ur for taking the time to make this video its greatly appreciated

  2. I have to think this gentlemen never served nor deployed. A 72 hour bag? This is a 72 WEEK bag! 41 pounds? Thats about 20 too many. "I take it with me everywhere I go…" Good plan – never know when you'll need it…BUT are you strapping it on multiple times a week to get used to humping that much weight? That extra 41 pounds won't allow you to BUG out…be more like WADDLE out! On the bright side, once you're cut down because you weren't quickly mobile, the next 4-5 people will have the back 3 aisles of Wal Mart in your bag!

  3. How often do you use that bag? Everything in that bag is essential and I always like seeing it… I sold my 72 and now I have 24 and 12 and I take stuff out all the time