7 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Pressure Switch Mounting How Can One Purchase At 13:39

  1. Here's my video review of three small flashlights that are a good size for your bug out bag.
    #emergencypreparedness #flashlights #shtf

  2. Ha, that's weird I use one of those cree flashlights in the middle on my helmet. I have a nice pelican light on my jacket but wanted something cheap and small for my helmet that wouldn't blind others. I work as a firefighter and haven't had any issues with it. I was under a sprinkler head and the head filled with water but still worked. I dried it out just to be safe tho. Might replace it with the coast light tho.

  3. I 2nd what he said about the middle ones (Amazon cheapo) I had a different style bought 2 down to 1 now. Mine died after very low usage. I'm a maglight/coast man now, all the way.