14 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Push In-out To Focus Beam Best Price To Buy At 5:39

  1. Looks like the lights are out ok let me refill my fifty gallon tank an it will be on for the next two years

  2. Just saw a HYDRALIGHT at Walmart for $35.
    It's a joke from all the reviews I have seen.
    You'd be doing us all a great favor, if you'd sell us a kit, complete with 3D printed parts, so we could make our own. We could take this and make a lot of cool projects. What voltage and amperage can you get out of the three tubes?

  3. Cool video. I've used that plastic sewing canvas to seperate my sheet copper/aluminium on water/gas projects before. That may be handy. Thanks!

  4. Why can't these be sunk in the ocean hooked up to motors powering generators making electricity powering homes for free