11 thoughts to Tactical Flashlight Push In-out To Focus Beam Buy In Store Nearby At 23:47

  1. Black Diamond Storm/Spot/Revolt has more features, especially the last one for almost the same price. Also the runtime of the maxbright led is about 6 hours.

  2. Very helpful review. (I came away with a really negative impression of Princeton Tec after calling their 800 number and talking with someone who seemed to know next to nothing about their products.)

  3. Nice review! At 150/165 lumens this has the highest lumen to dollar ratio that I can find. Look like it is packed with features also. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi,
    just wondering is that Princeton Tec have any outlet outside then US such like Asia country, Malayasia ???
    I m interesting about it.

  5. Hey there, Got one at an REI garage sale.. Said the guy who returned it said it didn't work… Looks like it was only on lockout mode LOL. Anyhow I was playing around with it and I got it to Strobe… Now that I am here a few days later trying to make it do the same thing and it won't do it… Did you find that yours had a strobe setting?

  6. I own one of these and didn't realize all the features. Great review. Very professional.

  7. Good vid…thank you…I have one (PT Vizz) and lost my instruction sheet…had the 20% Batt warning flash going on and thought that was what it was but your vid reinforced my memory. Oh…mine has been a great product…very handy and rugged. the lockout function is great. ALL GOOD….again…thanks…

  8. Oh…for fishermen & women the water resistance is fantastic…mine has been used extensively in a saltwater environment and has worked flawlwssly. Keep it clean and you'll be good to go.